Best Places to Live on Disability Income in the US

If you’re living on a disability income and finding it hard to make ends meet, you might want to look for a better place with an economy that works better with your limited income. Some places are cheaper to live in and are thought to be better for people with disabilities. You can make your money go further each month if you live on a fixed income. Here are the best places to look.

Best Places to Live on Disability Income in the US

Wichita Falls, Texas

The average rent in Wichita Falls, Texas is $874 per month. The cost of living is one of the best in the state, if not the best in the country. This is one of the best places to live, with a happiness score of 79. The city has many useful things, which makes it a great place for poor people to live.

Lawton, Oklahoma

It is even cheaper to live in Lawton, Oklahoma, than it is in Terre Haute. The usual rent price per month is only $694, and some places rent for even less. This is added to an 80.5 cost of living score and a 73 score for happiness. Lawton is a much nicer place to live for people who have to make every dollar count in order to stay alive.

Akron, Ohio

Akron has a score of 69 for how easy it is to live there. It’s not as good as El Paso, but it does have some extras that make it better. The first is that the rent is only $750 a month on average. With a cost of living number of 79, this is one of the least expensive places to live. People who have to live on a fixed income will like living in Akron. It’s a great option for people who get money from disabled payments or Social Security retirement payments. It’s one of the Ohio towns where you can live for really little money.

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Killeen, Texas

Another place that gets good reviews for people on a fixed income is Killeen. The average rent price each month is $934 if you decide to rent. In Killeen, the low cost of utilities is one of the good things about living there. This can help you get a lot more for your monthly money. It costs 78.8 dollars a day to live there. Amenities are easy to get to, and goods and services are cheap. Killeen is a nice place to live, as shown by its 74 total livability score.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

New Mobility gives you a list of places that are accessible to people with disabilities. This can help you make your monthly budget go further. With the Sun Van paratransit service, Albuquerque’s Sun Tran public transit system is a good way to get around. It gets good marks for having easy access to amenities and a low cost of living.

Spokane, Washington

One of the bigger towns in the eastern part of Washington state is Spokane. It might be a good idea if you live in the Pacific Northwest and get a disability check to live here. Single-income people can afford to live in a lot of smaller places in the country around Spokane that have views of mountains and thick forests.

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