Check the Most Dangerous Neighborhoods to Live in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Fort Lauderdale’s neighborhoods are often associated with numerous stereotypes. There are various types of neighborhoods in the city, each with its own distinct character. Some areas are known for their hipster culture, while others have a more preppy atmosphere. There are also neighborhoods that are popular among college students. Additionally, there are areas that are considered less affluent.

Fort Lauderdale offers a diverse range of neighborhoods to suit every resident’s preferences. Fort Lauderdale, a city known for its vibrant entertainment scene and abundant job opportunities, has earned a reputation as one of the top places to live in Florida. However, like any other city, it is not without its challenges. Certain neighborhoods have varying levels of safety. Which Fort Lauderdale neighborhoods are considered the most dangerous and the safest?

Today, we’ll be using Saturday Night Science to identify the neighborhoods in Fort Lauderdale that could benefit from some attention and care. These neighborhoods can be seen as the areas that stand out in the Fort Lauderdale community. Rio Vista stands out as one of the top neighborhoods, surpassing the others in terms of quality.

Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Fort Lauderdale

Dillard Park

Population: 1,508
Violent Crimes Per 100k: 1,139
Property Crime Per 100k: 7,852
Median Home Value: $178,267 (3rd worst)
Median Income: $40,588 (7th worst)

Lake Aire Palm View

Population: 1,738
Violent Crimes Per 100k: 1,213
Property Crime Per 100k: 9,267
Median Home Value: $189,650 (5th worst)
Median Income: $38,162 (6th worst)


Population: 6,355
Violent Crimes Per 100k: 1,605
Property Crime Per 100k: 9,746
Median Home Value: $140,800 (worst)
Median Income: $36,795 (5th worst)

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Lauderdale West

Population: 1,162
Violent Crimes Per 100k: 604
Property Crime Per 100k: 4,558
Median Home Value: $198,000 (6th worst)
Median Income: $61,192 (2worst)

Progresso Village

Population: 4,023
Violent Crimes Per 100k: 849
Property Crime Per 100k: 5,614
Median Home Value: $292,100 (18th worst)
Median Income: $41,951 (8th worst)

Home Beautiful Park

Population: 1,015
Violent Crimes Per 100k: 1,005
Property Crime Per 100k: 6,650
Median Home Value: $214,400 (8th worst)
Median Income: $24,019 (worst)

Durrs Homeowners

Population: 3,074
Violent Crimes Per 100k: 1,582
Property Crime Per 100k: 10,306
Median Home Value: $198,133 (7th worst)
Median Income: $26,676 (2nd worst)

Method to Find the Most Dangerous Fort Lauderdale Neighborhoods

In order to assess the livability of a location, it was crucial to consider the preferences of its residents and determine which places offer the fewest amenities that align with those preferences. Using Saturday Night Science, we inputted the following criteria to determine the most unfavorable neighborhoods in Fort Lauderdale:

  • High crime
  • High unemployment
  • Low median income
  • Low population density
  • Low home values (No one’s willing to pay to live here)

Next, we conducted a comprehensive analysis of every neighborhood in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, evaluating them based on various criteria. We then assigned rankings to each neighborhood, ranging from the least favorable to the most desirable. In our analysis, we calculated the average rankings for each criterion and referred to it as the “Worst Score.”

Fort Lauderdale’s most dangerous neighborhood is determined by the lowest “Worst Score” in the area. This article presents a perspective supported by factual information, providing an informative and entertaining read. This article has been recently updated for the year 2024. Today, we present our latest report on the most challenging neighborhoods to reside in Fort Lauderdale.

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