The Most Strange Food Combinations in Baltimore That People Like

When it comes to food, Baltimoreans are very different from other people. People from outside of Charm City will not understand some of the strange ways we eat. Seafood is an important part of our culture, and you can find it on almost everything. See how many of these weird combinations you’ve eaten by looking at the list below.

Strange Food Combinations in Baltimore

  • Sauerkraut with Thanksgiving dinner: It has been done this way in Charm City for many years, from one family to the next. With or without sauerkraut, Thanksgiving isn’t Thanksgiving without it.
  • Seafood Bloody Mary: I don’t want my bloody mary if it doesn’t have a lot of fish in it. People from outside our group would gasp at this crazy show, but to us, this food is picture perfect.
  • Crab on everything: We like crab on top of pasta, in omelets, on fries, and other things. We need more and more.
  • Crab Chips: It’s funny to see my friends from out of state gag while I eat crab chips. You don’t get it if you’re not from here.
  • This stomach-turning flavor combination: Do you like Dead Rise beer? I don’t like this Old Bay taste, but many people in the area think it’s the best beer for summer.
  • Old Bay on everything: We adore Old Bay. What do you know? The word “love” might not be strong enough. This famous seasoning is on corn, fries, and other foods.
  • Marshmallow on Sno-balls: Oh, you snobs. The sweet treat for summer that is even better with lots of marshmallows on top. Before you judge it, try it.
  • Coddie: Cod is put between two saltines and a splash of mustard in this old-school dish. You can still find coddies in some places in Charm City, and we think you should give them a chance.
  • Crab Mac and Cheese Dog: This well-known Camden Yards dish had to be on the list. It’s messy, but it’s worth the work.


Baltimoreans have unique food combinations, including sauerkraut with Thanksgiving dinner, seafood bloody Mary, crab on everything, crab chips, Dead Rise beer, Old Bay seasoning, marshmallow on snobs, coddies, and crab mac and cheese dogs. These unique dishes highlight the importance of seafood in Baltimore’s culture and can be found in various locations, making them a must-try for locals.

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