Listing the Very Best Day Trips in Baltimore for 2024

Being a tourist in your own city is fine. We actually think that you should. Take the following day trips to see all the best things that Baltimore has to offer. These are the best day trips you can take in Baltimore.

Best Day Trips in Baltimore for 2024

  • National Aquarium: One of the best pools in the country lets you explore underwater worlds. You might be able to stay here for hours and still find more to see! It’s a great day trip from Baltimore.
  • Walters Art Museum: Not only is this museum free, but it also gives you a unique museum experience. The collection of relics is enough to make a day full of wonder and interest. Many interesting things can be done in Baltimore. One of these is to go to The Walters Art Museum.
  • Fort McHenry: Because it is so important to Maryland’s past, everyone should visit Fort McHenry. It was the site of many important events, including the writing of the National Anthem. Also, it’s one of the strangest things you can do in Baltimore.
  • Maryland Zoo: There are many kinds of animals in this huge zoo, like giraffes, lions, penguins, wolves, bald eagles, and many more. A day spent with the strangest animals in the world is sure to be an experience you’ll never forget. One of the best places in the city to take kids is the Baltimore Zoo.
  • Camden Yards: When it’s warm in Baltimore, one of the best things to do is spend the day at Camden Yards. Order the crab mac & cheese dog if you want to really enjoy your time at the game. This is one of the coolest day trips in Baltimore!
  • B & O Railroad Museum: Spend the day seeing old trains up close and learning about the past of the railroad. For a memorable experience, you can also ride the tracks. For little ones who like Thomas the Tank Engine, this is great. This is one of the best day trips in Baltimore.
  • American Visionary Art Museum: It’s likely that you’ve never seen a museum like this before! The artists whose work is shown here are self-taught and have ideas that lean toward the strange. This is one of the most interesting places to spend a day in Baltimore because you can really get lost in the art.
  • Maryland Science Center: This place to learn is a lot of fun! The science-themed exhibits change all the time, and there is also a theater on site. This is one of the best day trips in Baltimore that will take you to another world.
  • Port Discovery: Port Discovery is one of the coolest places in the country for kids to learn through play. The big jungle gym is reason enough to go, and adults can enjoy it too! It’s one of the coolest day trips for kids in Baltimore.


Baltimore offers a variety of day trips for tourists, including exploring the National Aquarium, visiting The Walters Art Museum, visiting Fort McHenry, visiting the Maryland Zoo, spending time at Camden Yards, visiting the B&O Railroad Museum, exploring the American Visionary Art Museum, visiting the Maryland Science Center, and visiting Port Discovery. These attractions provide unique experiences, unique experiences, and educational opportunities for visitors to enjoy in Baltimore.

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