Exploring the Slow-Paced Small Towns Near Austin Have Still Simple Life

Having a lot going on can be fun sometimes, but we all need a break every once in a while. As one of the U.S. towns that is growing the fastest, Austin can be too much to handle at times. Thank goodness there are still some small towns close to the main city that know how to keep things simple. These small towns near Austin, Texas, are full of character, beautiful scenery, and nice people.

The Slow-Paced Small Towns Near Austin

  • Liberty Hill: With 1,608 people, Liberty Hill is a small town where everyone knows everyone else. It’s 35 miles north of downtown Austin to this small town.
  • Elgin: Elgin, Texas, is full of character and is where the yearly Hogeye Festival takes place. This small town has been the setting for many big movies, such as Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Alamo, and Transformers 4.
  • Dripping Springs: Dripping Springs has some beautiful views because it is in the middle of the Texas Hill Country. There are many beautiful farms and fields in this area.
  • Buda: For cheap living and a small-town feel, go south of Austin. The wiener dog races that happen every year are one of the strange traditions in this Austin neighborhood.
  • Driftwood: A town that looks like it hasn’t changed in a long time is north of Austin. A lot of people go to Driftwood, Texas, to enjoy great barbecue, tasty wine, and some peace and quiet.
  • Hutto: In 1876, Hutto was just a small train stop. Since then, it has grown into a charming Texas city. If you’re in the area, you should eat at The Texan Cafe, a popular diner known for having the best pies in Texas.
  • Johnson City: People love this place because it is where President Lyndon B. Johnson grew up. This tiny town is full of history. It was started by LBJ’s uncle, James Polk Johnson. People can still go to Johnson City to see LBJ’s childhood house.
  • Florence: Your journey will take you 40 miles north of Austin to this little piece of heaven. The city of Florence has been around since the early 1850s. There is still no more beautiful view than a sunset in Florence, Texas.
  • Wimberley: It’s only home to about 2,626 people, but every year thousands of people come to enjoy the beauty of the Texas Hill Country. It will make you never want to leave because of how cute and cozy it is.
  • Taylor: In 1876, Taylor, Texas, was built as a stop for the International–Great Northern Railroad. It used to be a very important place to buy grain, cotton, and horses. It’s now known as one of the best places in Texas for BBQ!


Austin, Texas, is a rapidly growing city, but there are small towns nearby that offer character, beautiful scenery, and friendly people. These towns include Liberty Hill, Elgin, Dripping Springs, Buda, Driftwood, Hutto, Johnson City, Florence, Whimbeley, and Taylor. Each town has its own unique traditions, beautiful scenery, and local attractions, making them perfect for a break from the city.

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