Listing the Worst Education Systems by US States in 2024

Education is a crucial institution that plays a vital role globally. This factor plays a crucial role in determining a nation’s level of development, reducing poverty, stimulating the economy, and promoting peace. In the United States, there is a strong correlation between a person’s education quality and level of educational attainment and their median incomes.

Unfortunately, education levels vary across different U.S. states. While every state has excellent schools, there are certain states that have exceptional higher learning institutions and specialized school districts that are particularly noteworthy. Certain states have higher levels of education compared to others. Do you want to know if your state is one of the worst when it comes to providing quality education?

The Worst Education Systems by US States

West Virginia

West Virginia has the lowest education ranking among all U.S. states, with an overall score of approximately 23.65. The state has the lowest educational attainment in the country, with only 20.6% of individuals holding associate or bachelor’s degrees. Additionally, West Virginia has the fourth-lowest average university quality.

Financially insecure families often face significant academic disadvantages, which can contribute to a lack of quality education. West Virginia ranks among the states with the lowest income levels in the U.S. Less than half of the children in the state come from families with incomes that are at least twice the poverty level.


Louisiana ranks among the states with the lowest education levels. It achieved a score of 25.72 and is ranked 44th for quality education and 48th for educational attainment. Louisiana ranks 4th from the bottom in terms of the percentage of residents with high school and bachelor’s degrees.

Additionally, it ranks among the lowest in terms of the percentage of individuals with graduate and associate degrees. While Louisiana may receive some leniency due to the impact of hurricanes on education, it is important to note that it still ranks as the third lowest state in terms of education.

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Alabama has the lowest education level among all states, with a total score of 32.29. The state’s education attainment rank is 45, while the quality of education ranks 41. Alabama’s public school systems rank poorly compared to other states. Only a small percentage of fourth and eighth graders demonstrate proficiency in math.

The state’s high school graduation rate is 87.1%, which is below the national average. Public schools in the state spend approximately $10,142 per pupil each year, ranking fourteenth lowest. Around 22% of adults in Alabama hold a bachelor’s degree or higher. This falls below the national average of 25%.


Oklahoma ranks among the states with the poorest education. Based on the findings from 24/7 WALLst, the state received an overall score of 36.0 out of 100. Oklahoma’s math proficiency rates fall below the national average, with only 22.9% of eighth graders and 36.7% of fourth graders demonstrating proficiency in math. In addition, the state has a high school graduation rate of 81.6%, which is the 15th lowest in the rankings.

New Mexico

New Mexico’s education system is often criticized for its poor performance compared to other states in the U.S. The state’s education system is among the lowest performing in the nation. According to EdWeek Research Center, the state’s public schools have the lowest rankings in the country. Only 71% of students in New Mexico graduate from high school, which is slightly below the national average of 85.8%.


This state has a lower bachelor’s degree attainment rate compared to the national average. Michigan has a college completion rate of only 28.5%, which is lower than the national average of 32.6% and ranks as the sixteenth lowest among all states. In addition, the state has a high school graduation rate of only 79.7%, which is lower than the average rate of 84.1% in the United States.

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