These 5 Abandoned Places in Atlanta are Really Most Haunted

Every once in a while, everyone likes a good scare, right? If so, you’re about to get a treat. You might not be able to visit all of these abandoned Atlanta spots in person, but the stories behind them might give you chills. Some places are magical when they are left empty, with their crumbling wrecks, rich history, and buildings living together with nature. Every bit of it. Look at these things that you can find all over abandoned Georgia and enjoy their strange and interesting allure:

The Abandoned Places in Atlanta

Pullman Yard

The Pratt-Pullman yard, which was once empty, is spread out over 25 acres and has almost 100,000 square feet of old, antique buildings. The past of the property is so interesting and unique that it must be shared. It used to be a plant that made machines for farming, and it was a hub for jobs while homes were being built in the area. Even during the First World War, weapons were made there. After that, the land turned into a tourist train stop. It’s got a whole new life now, and you should definitely go see it!

Old Atlanta Prison Farm

At its worst, Atlanta Prison Farm shows how cities can fall apart. From about 1945 to 1995, it was a jail that was still in use. That being said, this empty building has been slowly falling apart for twenty-five years. What’s left is still eerie and beautiful. A lot of the ruins are being taken over by kudzu plants, and most of the walls are covered in thick, colorful graffiti. It is one of the most interesting empty spots in Atlanta.

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Candler Mansion Ruins

Want to find “abandoned places near me”? An empty house is always interesting to look at! Candler Mansion, which was also called Briarcliff, was the home and estate of Asa Griggs “Buddy” Candler, who helped start Coca-Cola and was mayor of Atlanta. The house was left to Candler’s son and quickly fell apart. It was quickly owned by different people, and at one point it was even the home of the Georgia Mental Health Institute. The land was bought by Emory University, which plans to fix it up. However, nature is already taking back many of the wrecks.

John B. Gordon Elementary

This Georgia school is now empty. It used to be an elementary school that was built in the early 1900s. Robert E. Lee trusted John Brown Gordon a lot as a general, so the town was named after him. There were about 35 classrooms, a big gym, and an auditorium inside this school. But as the city of Atlanta grew, the building started to fall apart. It was open for almost 100 years, but it closed just short of that in 1995. The empty building that held many childhood memories was torn down sometime in 2020.

Atlanta Life Insurance Building

Around the late 1800s, the main part of this empty building was first built. At first, it was a house. From 1920 to 1980, it was home to the Atlanta Life Insurance Company. As the founder of the Atlanta Life Insurance Company, Alonzo Herndon was once a slave but became one of the wealthiest black people of his time. He owned the houses until they were destroyed by fire a few decades later.

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