These 3 Minnesota Cities are Offering Free Land to Residents

Are you in search of a new place to settle down? Would you like to experience the advantages of residing in a small town with a welcoming community and affordable expenses? If that’s the case, you may find some of the free land programs in Minnesota to be of interest.

Several rural towns and counties in Minnesota are experiencing a decrease in population and are attempting to entice new residents by providing free or discounted lots for those interested in constructing homes. Furthermore, alongside the complimentary land, certain locations provide additional benefits like tax abatements, utility hookups, and local gift certificates.

Discover three cities in Minnesota – Richland, Claremont, and Halstad – that are currently providing free land opportunities. We will also include information about the requirements and benefits of each program, along with where to find more details.

Minnesota Offering Free Land


Richland is a quaint city with a population of around 1,200 residents in Waseca County, Minnesota. The location is approximately 75 miles south of Minneapolis and provides a range of amenities and services, including a golf course, a library, a school, and a medical clinic.

Richland offers a free land program that provides an 86’ x 133’ lot on the northwest side of the city. The lots are fully prepared for construction and conveniently equipped with access to city water, sewer, and electric services.

Here are some of the requirements for the free land program:

  • Payment for a portion of the development costs, such as streets, curb, gutter, water, and sewer, is required. The development costs amount to around $25,000, but they will be lowered to about $14,000. This amount can be paid over a span of 15 years.
  • You are required to construct a house within one year of obtaining the land.
  • You will need to obtain a pre-approval letter from a lender.


The free land program in Claremont, Minnesota, has some unique features compared to similar programs in other areas. The program is exclusively available to working families with an annual income below $129,000, rather than targeting affluent homeowners.

Claremont is a small city located in Dodge County, Minnesota with a population of approximately 550 residents. Located approximately 60 miles south of Minneapolis, this place boasts a robust agricultural and industrial foundation. Additionally, there are amenities such as a school, library, park, and community center.

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Families who participate in the free land program in Claremont will be allocated one of the available lots in the city. The lots are approximately 80’ x 120’ in size and provide access to city water, sewer, and electric services.

Here are some advantages of the free land program:

  • They will be paired with a counselor who will assist them in applying for a USDA mortgage.
  • You will be awarded a $5,000 grant from the city to assist with your closing costs and down payment.
  • City will provide a 10-year tax abatement


Halstad is a quaint city nestled in the heart of Norman County, Minnesota, with a population of 579 residents. It is situated along the Red River of the North, approximately 40 miles north of Fargo, North Dakota. The town features a charming historic downtown, a local school, a library, a museum, and a recreation center.

Halstad offers a variety of free lots for individuals interested in building their own homes. The lots in the new subdivision on the east side of the city are approximately 100’ x 150’ in size. The lots are equipped with city water, sewer, and electric services for your convenience.

Here are some advantages of the free land program:

  • No charge for electric, water, or sewer service connection
  • We will cover the expenses for connecting these utilities up to the first 75 feet.
  • Up to 5 years of tax abatement

Here are some of the requirements for the free land program:

  • You need to submit an application to the city.
  • It is necessary to construct a residence with an assessed value of $175,000 or higher.
  • You are required to live in the home for a minimum of 3 years after the construction is finished.

In summary

If you’re interested in a fresh start and the opportunity to become a homeowner, you may want to explore the option of relocating to one of these three cities in Minnesota. They are currently providing free land to individuals. Not only will you save money on the land, but you’ll also get to experience the benefits of living in a small town with a friendly community and a great quality of life.

However, it’s important to do your research and fully grasp the terms and conditions of each program before you make any decisions about heading to Minnesota. Additionally, it’s important to consider securing financing, carefully planning your home design, and ensuring compliance with local building codes and regulations. Free land programs offer an exciting chance for individuals seeking a new adventure and a fresh start. If you’re interested, don’t pass up this opportunity to turn your dreams into reality.

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