Check These Most Dangerous Intersections in Connecticut Till Now

Connecticut experiences a significant number of traffic accidents, including intersection accidents, which are particularly hazardous. Intersections are places where traffic from different directions comes together and continues to travel in different directions, at different speeds. This includes vehicles that are slowing down and getting ready to stop, as well as vehicles that are speeding up.

Intersections, or places where roads meet, are often where dangerous accidents occur. Some intersections in Connecticut are more dangerous than others. Knowing which intersections to avoid or be more careful at can help you stay safe. If you were hurt in a car accident at an intersection because of another driver’s mistake, it’s important to get help from a skilled personal injury lawyer in Connecticut.

Intersections in Connecticut

Intersections can be dangerous places where accidents are more likely to happen. However, being aware of the ten most dangerous intersections in Connecticut, including on-ramp and off-ramp access, can help you avoid being involved in an accident. This information is provided by GoLocalProv.

  • The section of the Merritt Parkway between Mile Marker 46.42 and 47.03 is located in New Haven, Connecticut. This Merritt Parkway intersection had the highest number of crashes, with a total of 561. Out of these, 125 accidents caused injuries. Thankfully, none of these 561 accidents caused any deaths.
  • The location is in Middletown, Connecticut, specifically on Route 17 between mile markers 21.55 and 22.14. This intersection on Route 17 had a total of 372 crashes, with 107 of them resulting in injuries. Fortunately, there were no fatal accidents at this dangerous intersection again.
  • The intersection of Route 44 and Main Street in Hartford, Connecticut, specifically at Mile Marker 53.63, is known as Connecticut’s third most dangerous intersection. This intersection has a high accident rate, with a total of 129 accidents reported. Out of these accidents, 38 resulted in injuries. Fortunately, no one died.
  • The location is on Route 5 between Mile Marker 9.35 and 9.36 in Wallingford, Connecticut. This intersection on Route 5 is ranked fourth because it has had a total of 51 accidents, 22 of which resulted in injuries. Once again, there were no deadly accidents at this intersection in Wallingford.
  • Location: Route 69 Mile Marker 18.39—18.49 in Waterbury, Connecticut The number of accidents at this Route 69 intersection was lower than at the Wallingford intersection. However, it is important to note that a smaller proportion of these accidents resulted in injuries. There were a total of 55 accidents, with 14 causing injuries and no fatalities.
  • At the location of Route 127 Mile Marker .64 in Bridgeport, Connecticut, where Route 127 intersects with Barnum Avenue, there were a total of 31 crashes. Out of these crashes, 12 resulted in injuries. Fortunately, there were no deadly accidents.
  • At the intersection of Route 127 and Stillman Street in Bridgeport, there is a mile marker at 1.02. Route 127 is mentioned again. There were a total of 18 crashes at this intersection, and 11 of these 18 accidents resulted in injuries. This intersection, like the previous six, also did not have any fatal crashes.
  • There were 25 crashes on Route 83 between Mile Marker 11.80 and 11.89 in Vernon, Connecticut. Out of these crashes, 7 resulted in injuries. Thankfully, no one died.
  • The location is at Mile Marker 1.58 on Route 287, near the intersection of Route 287 and Merritt Parkway in Wethersfield, Connecticut. This intersection in Wethersfield is ranked ninth because there have been a total of 22 accidents, with 6 of them resulting in injuries. Continuing a lucky streak, there were no traffic deaths at this location.
  • The location is Route 8 between Mile Marker 18.58 and 18.81 in Seymour, Connecticut. This section of Route 8 in Seymour has made it to the final Top-Ten list. There have been a total of 11 crashes at this location, and five of them resulted in injuries.

The list concludes with the good news that none of the ten most dangerous intersections in Connecticut resulted in fatal crashes, according to the study.

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Intersection Accidents

Intersections are dangerous, and national statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) support this fact:

  • Even though intersections make up a small portion of our roads, they have a disproportionately high number of accidents.
  • Many intersection accidents happen because drivers don’t pay enough attention to the traffic around them.
  • One of the main reasons for intersection crashes is when drivers rely too much on other drivers to follow the rules, but sometimes those drivers make mistakes and don’t drive as expected.
  • One of the top three causes of accidents in intersections is when drivers make turns even though they can’t see clearly.
  • Performing illegal driving manoeuvres and driving while distracted are ranked fourth and fifth, respectively, in the list of most dangerous behaviours at intersections.

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