Whale-watching, Relaxation and Sweet Treats in Newport Beach, California

When I was really wanting a vacation on the West Coast and already had a nice tan from the summer, arriving in Newport Beach felt like a huge relief. I was just starting to feel bored and restless, and there’s nothing better than being on a boat in the sunny California weather to satisfy that craving. Additionally, since my only previous knowledge of the area comes from watching The OC and Selling the OC, I was curious to personally experience the hype surrounding Orange County.

Thanks to the nonstop flight from JFK to SNA (John Wayne Airport) that only took five hours, I was able to avoid the chaotic mess at LAX and reach my hotel just 25 minutes after landing. It was a great way to start my trip. Things continued to improve after that.

Where did you stay?

I stayed at the recently opened Pendry Newport Beach hotel. This place has everything you could want for a luxurious vacation. The rooms are completely new, large, and quiet. The hotel has a restaurant that serves sushi and steak, a beautiful bar in the lobby, and a cabaret. They also have a club exclusively for local guests. I wish I could join when I become a property owner on both coasts.

The hotel also has a spa, where I experienced the most amazing massage. One of the most important features is the pool deck, which has a beachy vibe and lots of comfortable lounge chairs. It’s the perfect place to simply relax and enjoy your vacation. Although it is not directly on the beach, this place is located right next to a famous shopping mall called Fashion Island. The beach is just a few minutes away, so you can still hear the sound of the waves crashing.

Best Activity from the Trip

When I’m at the beach, I enjoy going to a state park. The beaches are always kept in good condition, you can learn something, and usually, they are not crowded. The statement about the crowds not being an issue at Crystal Cove State Park is accurate and understandable. The Crystal Cove Conservancy has renovated and repaired 24 beach cottages from the 1930s–50s. These cottages are now available for guests to book and stay in. The options include dorm-style rooms and entire cottages. They are very cute and not too expensive.

You might be wondering, “How can I book one of these amazing cottages right away?!” To be honest, it’s quite competitive. Reservations become available exactly six months before the desired date and are quickly taken. However, if you create an account on the website and have all your information prepared, and if you and everyone in your group consistently try to make a reservation, you might have a chance to be one of the fortunate guests.

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Best things to Eat

If you love Arrested Development like I do, you probably know about the Bluth family’s frozen banana stand on Balboa Island in Newport. The Fun Zone around it has lots of enjoyable funfair rides and games. The Bluth family is not real, but the frozen bananas and their fame are real. You can find them at two locations that are very close to each other: Sugar ‘n Spice and Dad’s Donut Shop & Bakery. Both vendors say they sell the original version, but as someone who loves sweet treats, I don’t think any vendor can go wrong with a frozen banana dipped in chocolate and different toppings.

Let’s talk about delicious desserts. The beignets at Beachcomber Café in Crystal Cove State Park are topped with powdered sugar, whipped cream, and a drizzle of maple syrup. They make for a great way to start a filling breakfast of coconut-macadamia pancakes. You can also try the breakfast burrito at Malibu Farm in Lido Marina Village. They also have a location on the East Coast in NYC’s Seaport.

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