Exploring Some Best Electric Vehicle Road Trips in the US for 2024

The popular American road trip is now being powered by electric vehicles. Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming more popular, and companies are adding more charging stations to make it easier to travel in a car that produces no emissions.

Electric cars have clear benefits. Transportation is the main cause of emissions that contribute to global warming in the USA. Switching to electric vehicles (EVs) allows drivers to do their part in reducing the impact of the climate crisis by using less fossil fuels. Additionally, choosing to go green can help save money. Owners of electric cars spend about 60% less on gas compared to drivers with traditional gasoline-powered vehicles. This is especially beneficial considering the unpredictable changes in gas prices.

Indigenous Tribes on the Natchez Trace Pkwy

  • The route: Nashville, Tennessee to Natchez, Mississippi
  • Length: 444 miles

Embark on a journey through America’s Deep South, starting from lively Nashville and ending in the oldest city on the Mississippi River. The Natchez Trace Parkway roughly follows a trading route that was used by Indigenous tribes for 10,000 years. Many sites near the path honour the original caretakers of the land. If you want to embrace their love for nature and sustainability while driving an electric vehicle (EV), you’ll be happy to know that there are approximately 360 chargers available along the way. And the best part is that 80% of these chargers support fast charging.

Take a leisurely drive along the two-lane road that starts in Nashville and goes towards Hohenwald. In Hohenwald, you’ll come across a monument dedicated to Meriwether Lewis. He was an explorer who ventured into unknown parts of America with the assistance of native experts, including Sacagawea.

Washington State on the Cascade Loop

  • The route: Seattle to Whidbey Island
  • Length: 440 miles

Washington is leading the way in terms of EV infrastructure. This trip takes you from beaches with saltwater to mountains covered in snow. You will find many places to recharge your devices along the way. In 2014, the Cascade Loop became electric. There are chargers placed strategically along the route, so even cars that can only go less than 100 miles can make the trip without any concerns.

Get ready to see a variety of different landscapes on this trip through the Pacific Northwest. Begin your day by getting some caffeine at one of Seattle’s popular cafes (instead of Starbucks, try Analogue Coffee). After that, head out of the city and into the nearby wilderness.

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Get your Electric Kicks on Route 66

  • The route: Chicago, Illinois to Los Angeles, California
  • Length: 2500 miles

Shortly after Route 66 was built in 1926, it led to a time of westward migration for people from the Midwest. John Steinbeck famously referred to the long journey from Chicago to Santa Monica as the “Mother Road” in the 1930s. This route offered hope to travellers who were looking for a better future.

The small towns in America flourished because of the constant flow of cars heading towards the Pacific Coast. This made the car a symbol of America’s love for automobiles. Route 66 was officially closed in 1985 to make room for faster roads, but its remains are now becoming popular in a new type of car culture.

Roll Around Rhode Island

  • The route: Narragansett to Providence to Newport
  • Length: 65 miles

Having more miles doesn’t necessarily mean better quality. Exploring delightful towns in the smallest state in the country is a great idea for a summer road trip where you don’t have to worry about running out of petrol. Even cars that have a low towing capacity can easily handle this load without any issues. To fully enjoy all three destinations, it is recommended to split the drive into two or three days. Each destination has plenty of EV chargers available.

Begin by enjoying some surfing in Narragansett, which is known as the surf capital of New England. The town’s population increases significantly from around 15,000 to 34,000 between May and September. This is because many visitors come to enjoy the sandy beaches and coastal hiking trails that have been attracting travellers for over a hundred years.

Atlantic Coast Across 14 States

  • The route: Portland, Maine to Miami, Florida
  • Length: 1600 miles

Electrify America, a large network of EV charging stations, makes it possible to travel along the entire eastern seaboard of the country on a road trip without producing any emissions. If you travel from Maine to Miami on Interstate 95, you will come across charging stations approximately every 70 miles.

If the idea of travelling across multiple states sounds tiring, you can break the trip into three different sections based on geography. You will first visit the historic coastal cities of New England.

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