Check These Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Memphis Before Shifting

It is said that Memphis is the music and barbecue center of Western Tennessee. Memphis has a bad name for crime and is on many lists of the “most dangerous” cities in the country. Some areas of Memphis have gotten better, but the city has a bad image for a reason. We’ve made a list of Memphis’s worst areas to help you stay away from them.

Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Memphis


Downtown Memphis is the most dangerous area of town. There is a lot of culture and business in this area of Memphis, but it is also the most dangerous neighborhood in Memphis. Downtown Memphis has a 890% higher violent crime rate than the rest of the country. Every year, many murders, killings, and robberies happen there. There are problems in downtown caused by poverty, gangs, and drug trade.

Berclair-Highland Heights

One of the most dangerous places in Memphis is also Berclair-Highland Heights. There are 33,880 people living in the Berclair-Highland Heights neighborhood in east Memphis. The overall crime rate in the area is 318% higher than the national average. Berclair has an unbelievably high rate of violent crime, with a lot of killings, gang activity, robberies, and muggings. Break-ins, car thefts, and other types of theft of property happened 6,813 times in 2022.

Parkway Village-Oakhaven

The crime rate in Parkway Village-Oakhaven is also very high, making it one of the worst areas of Memphis. This place is in the southeast of Memphis and has a lot of homeless people living there. The average salary of the people who live there is well below the poverty line, and the schools get bad grades. A lot of killings and murders happen every year in Parkway Village, which has a violent crime rate 781% higher than the national average.

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New Pathways

There is a rough area called New Pathways close to downtown Memphis that has had a lot of crime for a long time. New Pathways has a crime rate that is 300% higher than the national average. The city has 7,711 people. There aren’t many police officers in this area, so violent crimes like shootings and thefts happen there a lot. It’s not a good idea to walk alone at night, and public transportation can be dangerous.

Shelby Forest-Frayser

Shelby Forest-Frayser is one of the most dangerous parts of Memphis. It’s only 12 miles north of downtown Memphis. There are 34,652 people living in this neighborhood, and the crime rate is 285% higher than the national average. There are thousands of violent crimes every year, which is a lot more than the state average for violent crimes. In Shelby Forest-Frayser, murders, killings, theft, and robberies happen all the time.


Riverside is another area of Memphis that is very dangerous. This area is in South Memphis, close to Martin Luther King Riverside Park. A lot of killings, robberies, and murders happen in Riverside, which has a high rate of violent crime. There are also a lot of gangs in Riverside, which makes a lot of the crime worse. Theft of personal items, breaking into homes, and car break-ins are all common property crimes.

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