Check Here the Richest Counties in Georgia to Live

The income and cost of living in Georgia are very different. It varies from part of the state to another in terms of income. Some parts are more affordable than others… The three richest counties in Georgia are Forsyth, Fayette, and Oconee. They are great places to live because they have a high quality of life, great services, and beautiful scenery.

The Richest Counties in Georgia

Forsyth County

There are about 112,000 households in Forsyth County, which has an average home value of $585,677 and a typical household income of $120,999. It’s known for having great schools, safe areas, and wealthy people living there. It’s a great place for outdoor lovers because Lake Lanier and the Chattahoochee River are close by. The cost of living is higher than the average in the state, but there are lots of jobs and nice things to do. Zac Brown was born in Cumming, which is the biggest city in Forsyth County. He is the lead singer of the Grammy-winning Zac Brown Band.

Fayette County

Only a short drive south of Atlanta is Fayette County, which is the third richest county in Georgia. It has a high standard of living because the typical household income of $96,084 is higher than that of many other counties in the state. Peachtree City is the county’s biggest city. It’s known for its well-planned neighborhoods, high-end amenities, and beautiful golf fields. The area is also known for having great schools and lots of fun things to do, which makes it a great place for families.

Cherokee County

There are also a lot of wealthy people in Cherokee County. The average home is worth $445,943 and the typical household income is $90,681. Cherokee County is a growing area known for having great schools and a nice place for families to live. Cherokee County has a higher cost of living than the rest of the state, but it’s still cheaper than some other rich US counties.

Long ago, the Cherokee people lived in the area and left behind a rich past. There are many historical sites, parks, and a thriving economy in this county, which makes it a great place to live, work, and raise a family.

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Columbia County

With an average family income of $85,928, Columbia County is a haven of wealth in eastern Georgia. It is known for having great schools and being consistently ranked as one of the safest counties in the state. Every house is worth about $306,883. You can go boating, fishing, and do other water sports at Lake Thurmond. Several other parks have more walking trails and green areas. Columbia County is right next to Augusta, making it easy to get to shopping malls, restaurants, entertainment places, and medical facilities.

Harris County

Plus, Harris County is one of the richest in Georgia. People in Harris County make an average of $82,224 a year. It is the eighth-richest county in Georgia and a secret gem in western Georgia. It’s famous for its many places to have fun, like Callaway Gardens, a huge botanical garden and lodge, and Lake Harding, where bald eagles, osprey, and herons live. F.D. Roosevelt State Park has camping, hiking, fishing, and swimming. It also has the Little White House, which is where President Franklin D. Roosevelt lived while he was president.

Paulding County

The last county on our list of Georgia’s ten richest is Paulding County. Its wealth comes from having a diverse economy that is strong in areas like industry, healthcare, and education. The stable economy and low cost of living make it possible for people to live comfortably without spending a lot of money.

The average home is worth $338,906, and the average family makes $80,234. Beautiful rural scenery and the Silver Comet Trail, a 61.5-mile-long scenic path that goes through three Georgia counties and is a great place to walk or ride a bike, make it stand out.

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