These are the Worst Human Trafficking Cities in the Entire US

One of the worst crimes in the world is selling people, but many people don’t know that it can happen in their own neighborhoods. Human trafficking is still a big problem in the United States for both the court system and law enforcement. However, it is hard to stop an industry that is so secretive and has so many players.

Unfortunately, even though it is illegal, human trafficking is a very profitable business. Youth Underground believes that the industry makes $150 billion a year and is growing. A shocking 52% of all trafficking in the world happens in the United States.

So, the problem of human trafficking is deeper than many people think. The Department of State believes that 27.6 million people around the world are victims of trafficking. These victims are taken advantage of by traffickers who want to abuse them for a variety of reasons.

Worst Human Trafficking Cities in the US

Houston, Texas

California is one of the worst places for s#x trafficking, but Texas, and Houston in particular, is stronger than California. There are several interstates that run through the “Texas Triangle,” which is made up of Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio. This area is known for being a safe place for human trafficking to happen. These terrible crimes happen a lot more often in Houston because it is so close to the Mexican border.

A study from the University of Texas says that there are over 313,000 victims of human trafficking in Texas. Most of them are in Houston. Houston has become the most dangerous place for sex trafficking in the US, which makes sense. Researchers think that 79,000 minors have been sex traded in Texas. This is only a small part of the problem of trafficking.

Miami, Florida

Florida is thought by many to be one of the best places to visit, but it is also the third worst state in the country for trafficking people. Katherine Fernandez Rundle, the state attorney for Miami-Dade County, says that within 48 hours of running away, one in three young girls are asked to become sex slaves.

Why does human trafficking happen so often in Miami-Dade? The main reason is tourism, since Miami is still one of the most popular places to visit in the US and around the world. Another reason is that Miami has nice weather all year. People who trade people are going to Miami with their victims when it’s cold and snowy in the northern states.

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Los Angeles, California

It’s not a surprise that Los Angeles is known for being a hub for this terrible crime since California is one of the main states that traffics people. LA County is aware of its problems with human trafficking because they know that their area is a haven for dreams that can easily turn into nightmares. People who want to hurt others know that Los Angeles is a great place to find people who are already ready to get into trouble.

Washington, DC

No one would ever guess that Washington, D.C., has a big problem with s#x trafficking. As a foreign hub, though, it’s not safe from people traffickers. Many people in Washington, DC are at risk of being abused because of differences in wealth and other problems.

Dallas, Texas

Trafficking of people is a problem all over the world, not just in the Texas Triangle. Dallas is another city in Texas that has a bad image for having a lot of people who traffic people. It is now one of the ten towns in the country with the most sex trafficking. Every night, more than 400 girls walk the streets of Dallas. The oldest of these young girls who work in the s#x trade is 13 years old.

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