Check These US States With Highest And Lowest Rent in 2024

According to Saturday Night Science, Hawaii, California, and Massachusetts are the states with the highest rent in January 2024.

In the past, we have examined the states with the lowest and highest costs of living. It is not surprising that California was found to be the most expensive state.

However, the analysis was conducted using the overall cost of living, which includes expenses for food, daycare, transportation, and housing.

Today, we want to focus on the most important piece of data from the list above, which is housing. Specifically, we will look at the states with the highest rent.

For this analysis, we used data from ApartmentList, which provides the most up-to-date and accurate information on rental prices in the country. Unlike most of our analyses, this one does not rely on Census data. We specifically examined the Rental Listings –> Overall –> State dataset. After we collected the rental data and organized it from highest to lowest, California was significantly behind New York in second place.

Method to Find The States With Highest And Lowest Rent

We have been ranking states and cities for over four years now. Our process always begins by gathering data from the American Community Survey.

However, as we mentioned earlier, we have made an exception to that rule because there is another source called ApartmentList that we trust and that provides more up-to-date data.

ApartmentList gives information every month about rent prices in different states, specific counties, and specific cities in America. The data we currently have goes up until January 2024, but there is a delay in reporting.

ApartmentList is more up-to-date than the Census data released in December 2023, which only covers up to 2022. Considering everything mentioned, we used the median rent for Rental Listings – Median Rent Overall – State from ApartmentList’s data. We ranked each state based on their median rent, from highest to lowest.

States With The Highest Rent In America


Population: 1,450,589
Median Rent: $2,203


Population: 39,356,104
Median Rent: $2,112

New Jersey

Population: 9,249,063
Median Rent: $1,880

New York

Population: 19,994,379
Median Rent: $1,820


Population: 6,161,707
Median Rent: $1,767

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States With The Lowest Rent In America

South Dakota

Population: 890,342
Median Rent: $870


Population: 3,018,669
Median Rent: $921


Population: 3,970,497
Median Rent: $981


Population: 3,188,836
Median Rent: $986


Population: 4,502,935
Median Rent: $1,002

So These Are States With The Highest Rents In America

The median rent in America is $1,700. However, in California or New York, you can expect to pay almost twice that amount.

The states in the United States with the highest rent are Hawaii, California, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Washington, Virginia, Colorado, and Connecticut.

The states in the United States with the lowest rent are South Dakota, West Virginia, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Mississippi, and Kansas. If you’re considering moving to a more affordable place, it’s best to choose the heartland where you can expect to pay around $1,000.

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