Home Michigan Local News Clare Man Accused of Threatening Amish Family During a Buggy Ride

Clare Man Accused of Threatening Amish Family During a Buggy Ride

Clare Man Accused of Threatening Amish Family During a Buggy Ride

In a shocking incident, a resident from the Clare area has been charged with ethnic intimidation after reportedly brandishing a knife and threatening an Amish family as they peacefully rode by in their buggy.

An Amish family with a baby has recently relocated to Manistee County, according to Michigan State Police. On August 7, they attended a church service. Following their time at church, members of the congregation informed them about a more direct route back home via Healy Lake Road.

An Amish man was unfamiliar with the route. 47-year-old Charles Rogers Sensing of Clare allegedly approached the road while driving a buggy on Healy Lake Road, waving a large knife.

An Amish family halted their buggy to inquire about Sensing’s intentions. According to Michigan State Police, Sensing reportedly warned the family that they would encounter significant issues if they chose to use that road again with a buggy.

According to the victim, fellow members of the Amish community in the vicinity have reported receiving threats from Sensing, a resident of Clare who frequently travels to Manistee County.

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According to an interview with a Michigan State Police trooper, Sensing reportedly expressed strong negative feelings towards Amish people and made concerning comments about his potential actions if they were to approach him.

In another incident, Sensing has been accused of allegedly threatening a work crew on Lahti Road in Manistee County’s Maple Grove Township on November 20th.

According to the crew supervisor, Michigan State Police were informed that Sensing approached their work site carrying a rifle and made allegations about someone defecating on his property adjacent to their location.

Reports indicate that Sensing made threats to shoot all of the workers and set their rig on fire.

Reports regarding both incidents were handed over to the Manistee County Prosecutor’s Office, who subsequently issued an arrest warrant on December 28th. A court hearing was held on Wednesday in Manistee County District Court for Sensing.

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A man is facing charges of ethnic intimidation and assault with a dangerous weapon in the Amish case. In a recent incident involving a work crew, charges have been filed against him for assault, brandishing a firearm in public, and disturbing workers.

Sensing is currently being held in custody at the Manistee County Jail following their arraignment. The bond for the Amish case has been set at $10,000, while the bond for the work crew case is set at $2,500.

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