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LA County is the US county with the highest number of Mexican eateries

LA County is the US county with the highest number of Mexican eateries

Los Angeles County has recently emerged as the leading county in the United States in terms of the number of Mexican restaurants, a testament to the region’s rich cultural diversity and culinary excellence. This development is not just a reflection of the county’s demographics but also of the increasing popularity of Mexican cuisine across the country.

The Study’s Findings

According to a Pew Research Center study, Los Angeles County boasts over 5,000 Mexican eateries, the highest number in the country. This figure is part of a broader trend observed in the United States, where approximately 11% of all restaurants serve Mexican food, and 85% of U.S. counties have at least one Mexican restaurant​​.

Mexican Cuisine’s Dominance in the U.S.

The study found that Mexican food is more prevalent in some states than others. While California leads the nation in the sheer number of Mexican restaurants, other states like New Mexico, Texas, and Arizona have a higher percentage of restaurants serving Mexican cuisine relative to their total number of eateries​​.

A Reflection of Cultural and Historical Ties

The proliferation of Mexican restaurants in Los Angeles County is more than just a culinary phenomenon. It reflects the deep historical and cultural ties between Mexico and the United States, particularly in states bordering Mexico. This interaction has significantly influenced the gastronomic landscape, making Mexican cuisine an integral part of American culinary culture.

Los Angeles County’s Culinary Landscape

In Los Angeles County, Mexican restaurants offer a wide variety of dishes, ranging from tacos and burritos to more traditional fares like mole and pozole. This variety showcases the region’s diverse Mexican-American population and its rich culinary heritage​​.

Comparison with Other Counties

The study highlights that the second-highest total of Mexican restaurants in a U.S. county is found in Harris County, Texas, with 2,362 establishments. This comparison underlines Los Angeles County’s unique position as a hub of Mexican gastronomy in the United States​​.

Broader Implications

The prominence of Mexican restaurants in Los Angeles County and across the United States underscores the growing appreciation and demand for diverse culinary experiences. It also reflects the important role of immigrant communities in shaping local foodscapes and contributing to the cultural and economic vitality of the regions they inhabit.


Los Angeles County’s distinction as the U.S. county with the most Mexican restaurants is a significant marker of the county’s cultural diversity and culinary richness. It not only highlights the popularity of Mexican cuisine but also speaks to the broader narrative of cultural exchange and integration that characterizes the American experience.

This report on Los Angeles County’s status as the county with the most Mexican restaurants in the U.S. is based on information from the Pew Research Center study, as reported by various sources including The East County Gazette, Century City News, and SkyscraperPage Forum​

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