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Michigan City Parks Introduce New Self-Serve Food Pantry

Michigan City Parks Introduce New Self-Serve Food Pantry

Local carpenters and Michigan City employees have initiated a plan to address the issue of food insecurity and combat the stigma associated with it.

On Wednesday, the Michigan City Parks and Recreation Department revealed a brand new community food pantry at Walker Street Park. In a matter of minutes, another pantry was unveiled in Gardena Park. A new park has just opened in Michigan City, marking the first of six parks to be established in the area.

Kayla Sheblosky, an administrative assistant and recreation director for the Parks and Recreation Department, revealed that the concept began to materialize approximately six months ago.

Donors from multiple organizations, such as Burn ‘Em Brewing, Carpenter’s Local Union 1485, and other anonymous contributors, have generously supported a food drive hosted by Burn ‘Em Brewing over the previous weekend. Their contributions have included both food and monetary donations, which have been used to purchase materials for the pantry and items to stock it with.

According to Sheblosky, additional sponsors who contributed items were Weil-McLain, the Michigan City Exchange Club, and Park Superintendent Shannon Eason. In addition to non-perishable food items, the pantries were stocked with toiletries and feminine products. Food was also provided for those in need. Donations of pet food are also accepted.

According to Sheblosky, the installation of the pantries in the community will provide assistance to those in need on a regular basis, while also enabling the community to make donations whenever they wish.

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“During inclement weather conditions, individuals have the option to conveniently access the pantry by foot,” she stated. There’s a convenient solution for those late-night cravings when your children are hungry and you’re in need of a snack – right in your own backyard. Convenience is at your fingertips with this readily accessible option. No need to venture outside or make any extra effort – it’s right here, ready for you to take advantage of.

According to Mike Pollock, the vice president of Carpenter’s Local 1485, the union quickly joined forces with Sheblosky after he made contact. According to a local resident of Michigan City, his decision to take up the job was influenced by his connection to the area.

A group of carpenters, including him, who are part of the union, have successfully constructed the initial two boxes and are now aiming to construct the remaining four. According to him, the project is aimed at providing carpenters with work opportunities as a means of contributing to their communities.

“By hiring local workers who are consistently employed, this initiative allows us to contribute to the community,” he stated. “In contrast, out-of-state contractors arrive, complete the work, and then depart.”

Steve Murray, co-owner of Burn ‘Em Brewing, recently organized a food drive where patrons were rewarded with a dollar off any beer purchase for bringing in a food or other item. Approximately 15 pounds of food, mostly consisting of canned goods, was successfully brought in.

In an announcement, Murray confirmed that the brewery will maintain its role as a drop-off location for individuals looking to contribute food to the pantries. Additionally, they intend to promote the food drive through their various social media channels.

Burn ‘Em has expanded its presence in Michigan City, according to Murray. This move, combined with their relocation from the outskirts, will enable them to establish stronger connections with the community they engage with and support.

“This development is expected to further support our ongoing efforts and contribute to the betterment of the community we are now more closely connected to. We are pleased to be a part of this community and eager to give back.”

“We are pleased to have provided another valuable resource for our community,” Sheblosky stated, “however, our efforts are far from over.” Help us raise awareness about our pantries. “Take what you need; give what you can.”

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