Data Reveals Most Miserable Places in New Jersey for 2024

The cities of Fort Dix and Dayton in New Jersey have been identified as the most miserable cities for 2023 according to Saturday Night Science. Is your current location in New Jersey considered one of the most unhappy places to live?

Only 33% of people in New Jersey say they are truly happy. That’s unfortunate, especially since people in New Jersey don’t have it too difficult compared to others. However, we were wondering which cities in New Jersey are considered the most miserable. We are going to discover the answer using Saturday Night Science and data.

Most Miserable Places in New Jersey for 2024

Fort Dix

Population: 7,904
Poverty Level: 5.5%
Median Home Price $0
Married Households 3.0%
Households With Kids 59.93%


Population: 8,185
Poverty Level: 1.3%
Median Home Price $408,900
Married Households 9.0%
Households With Kids 49.19%


Population: 72,381
Poverty Level: 33.6%
Median Home Price $85,800
Married Households 6.0%
Households With Kids 40.59%


Population: 306,247
Poverty Level: 25.8%
Median Home Price $271,700
Married Households 6.0%
Households With Kids 33.93%


Population: 22,511
Poverty Level: 8.2%
Median Home Price $249,700
Married Households 11.0%
Households With Kids 33.25%


Population: 26,643
Poverty Level: 35.1%
Median Home Price $109,800
Married Households 9.0%
Households With Kids 44.8%


Population: 17,132
Poverty Level: 11.6%
Median Home Price $288,100
Married Households 12.0%
Households With Kids 40.53%


Population: 18,418
Poverty Level: 12.4%
Median Home Price $275,400
Married Households 7.0%
Households With Kids 44.35%

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Method to Measured the Most Miserable Cities In The Garden State

In order to determine the unhappiest places in New Jersey, we needed to identify the factors that contribute to people’s happiness. It’s not hard to imagine that people who are happy tend to earn good salaries, have less stress, and enjoy a stable home life.

We looked at the American Community Survey 2017-2021 report from the Census to find out about happiness. Then we used Saturday Night Science to rearrange the list and get the answer.

Here are the criteria we used to measure misery:

  • Percentage of residents with a college degree
  • Average commute times
  • Unemployment rates
  • Cost of living
  • % of married couples
  • % of families with kids
  • Poverty rate

Once we determined the criteria, we collected data for 264 locations in New Jersey that have a population of over 5,000 people. We ranked each place from one to 264 for each of the seven criteria. A score of one means the place is considered the most miserable. In case of ties, the larger place was given priority.

Afterwards, we calculated the average of the seven rankings to create a Miserable Index for each place. The place with the lowest overall Miserable Index was given the title of “Most Miserable City In New Jersey.”


New Jersey’s Fort Dix and Dayton have been identified as the most miserable cities for 2023, according to Saturday Night Science. The rankings were based on factors such as poverty level, median home price, and family size. The study used data from the American Community Survey 2017-2021 and Saturday Night Science to determine the most miserable cities in the state. The city with the lowest overall Miserable Index was named “Most Miserable City In New Jersey.”

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