Some Sources Revealed the Most Boring Places In Washington for 2024

According to Saturday Night Science, the most boring places in Washington for 2024 are Edgewood and Buckley. It’s true: Washington has many beautiful and exciting places to visit. Regrettably, not all towns and cities in Evergreen State are fortunate.

Just like in all U.S. States, there are definitely some boring places within the borders of Washington. Do you know those places where everyone has an AARP card and the most exciting thing they do all day is share a picture of their grandchild on Facebook?

For example, like Edgewood. According to Saturday Night Science, our recent analysis shows that this city is considered the most boring city in Oklahoma. But don’t worry if you live in Edgewood. There are many other uninteresting and uninspiring places in Washington too.

Most Boring Places In Washington for 2024

Don’t worry, believe it or not, many people would actually enjoy living in a boring city. If your city’s name is on the list, please don’t get upset. We didn’t use personal opinion to determine what makes a city or town “boring” or “exciting”. We analyzed real data to determine which towns are statistically less interesting. A real estate agent has knowledge about this data, but they typically do not disclose it.


Population: 12,397
Average Age: 40.3
% Married: 25.0%


Population: 5,191
Average Age: 41.7
% Married: 41.0%

Ocean Shores

Population: 6,838
Average Age: 62.1
% Married: 23.0%


Population: 6,539
Average Age: 44.9
% Married: 30.0%

Bainbridge Island

Population: 24,681
Average Age: 49.5
% Married: 15.0%


Population: 11,824
Average Age: 43.7
% Married: 19.0%

Black Diamond

Population: 5,314
Average Age: 40.0
% Married: 18.0%

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Method to determine the boring cities in the Evergreen State

If you were arguing with your friends at a bar about the most boring place to live in Washington, here’s how you would present your case. That’s why we give it the name Saturday Night Science. Our data provides more accurate information than emotions.

To determine the level of boredom in a place, we considered factors that we typically associate with exciting people. Then, we identified the cities with the fewest number of such exciting individuals. The information presented here was gathered using data from the U.S. American Community Census. Some things that people often consider to make a city’s population boring are:

  • % of Population Over 25 (higher is more boring)
  • % of Married Household (higher is more boring)
  • Average Age (higher is more boring)
  • % of Households With Kids (higher is more boring)
  • Population density (lower is more boring)

Our algorithm creates a ranking for each place based on these categories. After analyzing the data, the cities have been ranked from the most boring to the most exciting. We considered all cities in Washington with a population of at least 5,000 for this ranking. This prevents us from unfairly influencing our rankings by including very small groups of retired individuals.


Saturday Night Science has ranked the most boring places in Washington for 2024, focusing on Edgewood and Buckley. These cities are considered the most boring in Oklahoma, with a population of 12,397 and an average age of 40.3. The ranking is based on factors such as population over 25, married households, average age, household with kids, and population density. The data was gathered using the U.S. American Community Census.

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