Exploring 5 Cheapest Places to Live in Hawaii for You

Hawaii’s beautiful beaches, relaxed way of life, and tasty food make it a popular destination for many looking to relocate. Discover the most budget-friendly locations to live in Hawaii and choose the perfect town or city to settle down.

Cheapest Places to Live in Hawaii


Pahoa is the most affordable place to live in Hawaii. This city on the Big Island is famous for its unique style and unconventional mindset. This town is filled with local shops and restaurants, with the main highlight being the raised wooden sidewalk in the heart of downtown. This region is known as the Big Island’s “hippie capital,” drawing individuals with a bohemian spirit and appealing to those seeking a rural lifestyle. This city offers homes at an average price of around $275,000, making it a top pick for affordable living in Hawaii.


Pahala is the second most affordable place to live in Hawaii. Similar to Pahoa, this city is situated on the Big Island and rests on a plateau approximately 900 feet above sea level. Some of the most stunning ocean and mountain views can be found here, along with a variety of local shops and restaurants. While Pahala used to be a thriving sugar-cane plantation, it has now transformed into a hub for macadamia nuts and coffee beans. Properties in this region have an average price of $278,000, making Pahala a budget-friendly location along the Hawaiian coast.


Kurtistown is a budget-friendly option for living on the Big Island. This region is famous for its agricultural products and ranks among the leading banana producers in Hawaii. The city is compact and has a rural feel. Located just minutes away from some of the island’s top attractions, including the Kilauea Caves of Fire. Kurtistown offers an affordable living option with an average home price of around $405k, making it an attractive choice for retirees and those seeking a relaxed lifestyle.

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Kaunakakai is the main city on Moloka’i and is known for being one of the most affordable places to live in Hawaii. This city boasts the island’s biggest port and longest pier, along with a vibrant town center. People living in downtown Kaunakakai have access to numerous local amenities such as boutiques, eateries, cafes, and museums. Furthermore, Halawa Bay Beach is just a short distance away, providing locals with opportunities for waterfront fun and seaside bars. The average home price in this area is around $414,000, making Kaunakakai a budget-friendly destination.


Keaau is located on approximately 60,000 acres of land, making it one of the most affordable cities in Hawaii. Keaau, previously named Ola’a, is situated on the western side of the Big Island and is a great location for individuals who commute to Hilo. Surrounded by an Ohio forest, the city features black-sand beaches and botanical gardens. Additional nearby points of interest are the Pacific Floral Exchange and the Hi’iaka Healing Herb Garden. The average home price in this area is around $441,000, making it a lovely addition to the island’s most affordable cities.


Hawaii offers a variety of budget-friendly locations to live, including Pahoa, Pahala, Kurtistown, Kaunakakai, and Keaau. Pahoa is known for its unique style, local shops, and restaurants, while Pahala is known for its stunning ocean and mountain views. Kurtistown, known for its agricultural products, is compact and offers an affordable home price of around $405k. Kaunakakai, the main city on Moloka’i, is known for its port and vibrant town center.

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