Survey Disclose Cheapest Places to Live in Montana for 2024

Montana is a favored destination for many due to its abundant natural resources, varied wildlife, and breathtaking scenery. Here is a list of the most budget-friendly cities in Montana to help you choose your new home.

Cheapest Places to Live in Montana


Glasgow is the most affordable city to live in Montana. The city’s population is 3,202, ranking it as the 23rd largest in Montana. Yet, it stands as the biggest city within a 110-mile radius or a 5-hour drive, establishing itself as a key financial center for eastern Montana. This town is famous for its stunning scenery and opportunities for outdoor activities.

In Glasgow, the cost of living is 17.4% less than in the rest of Montana and the rest of the country. For a comfortable lifestyle, the average family should aim for an income of around $36,560, whereas a single adult would require about $24,800. The average cost of a home is $160,000, with rent averaging around $600.


Glendive is known for being one of the most affordable places to live in Montana. Glendive is situated in rural east Montana, between the Yellowstone River and the Badlands, serving as a significant center for agriculture and ranching. The population is 4,876.

Glendive is quite budget-friendly, even when compared to other places in Montana. The cost of living is 20% lower compared to both the national average and the average in the rest of the state. For a comfortable living in Glendive, the average family should earn $41,040, while a single person would need to make $31,600. The average cost of a home is $207,500, while the average rent is approximately $500.

Miles City

Miles City is also among the most affordable locations to reside in Montana. This city is situated in the southwestern part of the state, where two significant rivers, the Yellowstone River and the Tongue River, meet. The town boasts numerous parks, rivers, and historical sites, offering its almost 8,400 residents ample opportunities for family-friendly activities. Additional nearby points of interest include regular livestock auctions and the yearly Bucking Horse Sale, featuring top western equestrian talent. The average home value in this area is around $236,000, making Miles City the most affordable city in Montana.

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Anaconda is ranked as the fourth most affordable place to live in Montana. Located in southwestern Montana, this area is a friendly and welcoming community situated in the Deer Lodge National Forest. Located in the heart of the state’s prime hiking, fishing, and skiing areas, it is a favorite among outdoor lovers and those who enjoy staying active. The city is compact, home to about 9,491 residents who typically travel to nearby areas for work. However, the average home price in this area is $256,000, which positions it as one of the most budget-friendly places to reside in Montana.


Butte is also one of the most affordable cities to live in Montana. This region was first founded as a gold and silver mining settlement and was once the biggest city in the Rocky Mountains. Today, it is a unified city-county with a total population of approximately 34,768 individuals. Butte not only has a fascinating history but also provides residents with a variety of local activities and attractions such as art galleries, museums, underground mine tours, outdoor recreation, and the Granite Mountain Memorial Overlook. In this area, the average home value is $271k, and the city’s numerous beautiful Victorian buildings make it ideal for buyers looking for affordable homes with lots of character.


Montana offers a variety of budget-friendly cities to choose from. Glasgow, the 23rd largest city, is the most affordable, with a population of 3,202. Glendive, a rural area with a population of 4,876, is also budget-friendly, with an average family income of $41,040. Miles City, located in the southwestern part of the state, is also affordable, with an average home value of around $236,000. Anaconda, a small community in the Deer Lodge National Forest, is the fourth most affordable, with an average home value of $256,000.

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