Exploring the Gayest States in Entire America For 2024

Summary of the study on gayest states in the US. We used Saturday Night Science to find out which states will have the most LGBT people in 2024. It comes from the UCLA School of Law Williams Institute and shows how many gay people live in each state. This information is up to date as of December 2023.

To date, Oregon has the most LGBT adults of any state in the US. In Oregon, 7.8% of people are gay. Alabama has the fewest LGBT adults than any other state in the US. As of 2018, 4.1% of people in Mississippi are gay. When we looked at the list of the Gayest Cities in America before, San Francisco came out on top, which wasn’t a surprise. What was surprising was that only about 2% of households in San Francisco told the Census that someone in the family was gay.

The Gayest States in America For 2024


Next, we’ll talk about Oregon, which is the next gayest state in the US. The number of gay people living here is 7.8% and rising. Over the last ten years, the number of households with a same-sex pair has grown by more than 30%.

The most gay people live in Portland than anywhere else in Oregon. About 1 in 19 people who live in Portland are LGBT, making it the second most gay big city in the United States. This city is so gay that you see the equal sign on car bumpers more often than on math tests. Oregon gay people also like the cities of Cottage Grove and Troutdale.


DE is the next most gay-friendly state in the US. It is thought that 7.5% of people in Delaware are gay. In fact, Delaware is the third state where the number of gay people is growing the fastest. The number of same-sex couple homes in Delaware has grown by 41% since the last census in 2010.

Discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity is illegal in Delaware. Since July 2018, conversion therapy on children has also been illegal in the state. A lot of people say that Delaware is one of the LGBT-friendliest places in the US, and most people there support same-sex marriage.

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People often say that Colorado isn’t very diverse. I’m glad I didn’t get hit! Even though I’m white, I’m so glad that my family has grown to include people of different races, faiths, and cultures. I think that can make neighborhoods and families a lot more alive, interesting, and strong. We help each other out and learn from each other. This keeps our country from falling apart, which is a sad trend recently.


Utah is the most gay state in the United States this year. The number of same-sex couple families in Nevada has grown by 43% since the last census, which shows a huge rise in the state’s gay population. Nevada has a 6.6% gay community right now. This might surprise you: Reno and Las Vegas have almost the same number of gay residents. You might have thought that Las Vegas would have the most gay Americans in Nevada. You could say that Las Vegas has more gay people living in its city borders at any given time, though.


Next up is Massachusetts, which has a 6.5% gay population and is the ninth most gay-friendly state in the U.S. And Easthampton and Northampton. It’s the sixth most gay place in the United States. A bill that would stop conversion therapy for LGBT teens was just passed in Massachusetts. This makes the state the 16th in the union to do so.

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