Lets Discuss the Cheapest Places to Live in Washington

It’s hard to find cheap places to live in Washington State because the cost of living is about 13% higher than the national average. You can use this list of the ten least expensive places to live in Washington State in 2023 to help you choose the best place for your budget.

Cheapest Places to Live in Washington


It costs the least to live in Washington State in Yakima. This city is in the Yakima Valley in the south central part of Washington. It is known for its rich farming and fertile grounds. Yakima has some of the best farms, wineries, and orchards in the state because of this. This is why sommeliers like it so much. There are almost 300 sunny days a year here, which is more than in other parts of the state. The area’s natural beauty and many outdoor activities, along with the great weather, make it the right place for people who love nature.


In the area between Washington and Oregon, Kelso is one of the least expensive places to live. Kelso, which is in the southwestern part of the state, used to be called the “Smelt Capital of the World.” About 13,000 people live in the city now, and they love it for its small-town feel, wooded hills, and beautiful plains along the Cowlitz River. The Cowlitz County Historical Museum, Tam O’Shanter Park, Three Rivers Golf Course, and the Kelso Highlander Festival are all fun things to do in the area.

Moses Lake

It costs less to live in Moses Lake than in any other place in Washington State. This hidden gem is in the east central part of Washington and is great for people who want to live on the water without spending a lot of money. It has more than 100 miles of shoreline, which makes it popular with boaters, fishermen, and people who like living by a lake. The second-cheapest home prices in the state are in this area. This makes it a great place for retirees and people buying their first house.

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Pasco is cheap and building up quickly. This busy city has about 79,000 people living in it, and it was just named one of the “Top Ten Boomtowns in America” for 2022. The city’s role as one of Washington’s main trade and produce hubs is a big reason for its growth. Pasco residents can enjoy nice weather, a wide range of outdoor activities, and a lively collection of city amenities—all in one great place.


Pullman is a cheap place for student and young worker living. This busy city is in the southeast area of Washington. It is home to Washington State University, which brings in younger people to live there. Pullman is the biggest city in Whitman County, with about 33,000 people. It has a beautiful scenery of rolling hills and wide wheatfields. There are lots of nice things to do in the inner city, like coffee shops, restaurants, breweries, gardens, historic places, and the Downtown Riverwalk.

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