Exploring the Iowa Right Turn on Red Rule in 2024

Traffic lights play a very important role in keeping our roads organized and safe. They help drivers navigate intersections, making sure there are no accidents and keeping the traffic moving smoothly. A common rule at traffic lights is the right turn on red (RTOR). Drivers can turn right at a red light if they stop completely first, wait for oncoming traffic and pedestrians, and then proceed.

This blog post provides detailed information about the Iowa Right Turn on Red (RTOR) rule in 2024. We will discuss the legality of the maneuver, any exceptions, safety precautions, and provide answers to frequently asked questions. Whether you’re an experienced driver in Des Moines or a new resident learning to drive in Cedar Rapids, it’s important to understand the RTOR rule. This rule will help you navigate intersections in Iowa safely and efficiently.

What is the Iowa Right Turn on Red Rule?

In Iowa, the RTOR rule allows drivers to turn right at a red light as long as they stop completely and make sure it is safe to do so. Here are the main points explained:

  • Complete Stop: Drivers must fully stop their vehicle behind the marked stop line before continuing with the turn. You are not allowed to do a rolling stop.
  • When making a turn, drivers need to let other vehicles and pedestrians with the green light go first. This includes vehicles going straight, turning left, and people crossing the street.
  • There is no sign at the intersection that says you can’t make a right turn when the light is red. The signs are usually round and have red letters that say “NO TURN ON RED.”

Legality of Right Turns on Red in Iowa

According to the Iowa Code section 321.319, it is legal to make right turns on red in Iowa. However, there is an important condition that must be met before proceeding: ensuring safety. When making a turn, drivers should prioritize safety over convenience. They should only proceed with the turn if certain conditions are met:

  • The traffic coming towards you has a red light and is not turning left.
  • There are no people walking in the crosswalk that you want to turn into.
  • When you turn right, you won’t hit any cars that are waiting to turn left or go straight from the opposite direction.

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Exceptions to the Iowa Right Turn on Red Rule

In Iowa, there are times when you are not allowed to make a right turn on a red light. Here are a few important exceptions:

  • Prohibition Signs: As I mentioned before, intersections with signs that say “NO TURN ON RED” explicitly forbid making a turn when the traffic light is red.
  • School Zones: When the yellow lights are flashing during school zone hours, drivers need to stop completely and wait for a green light before making any turns.
  • Double Red Lights: Some intersections have two red lights instead of one. In these situations, you are not allowed to make a right turn on a red light, no matter what the traffic conditions are.
  • Limited Visibility: If the weather is bad and you can’t see well because of fog or heavy rain, it’s safer to wait for a green light even if you don’t see any cars coming.

Safety Precautions for Right Turns on Red in Iowa

The Iowa RTOR rule helps traffic move faster, but safety is still the most important thing. Here are some things to remember to stay safe when making a right turn on a red light:

  • When you come to a complete stop, it means you stop completely. This is important because it gives you a chance to look around and make sure it’s safe before you continue.
  • Make sure to look in both directions for oncoming vehicles, including those turning left and those that may have run a red light.
  • Yield to Pedestrians: When pedestrians have the right of way, you must let them finish crossing the street before you continue.
  • Remember to use your turn signal: Let other drivers know in advance that you plan to turn by using your turn signal.
  • Be careful: Avoid suddenly speeding up after you make the turn. Make sure you are ready to stop if needed in order to prevent a crash.

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