The Most Conservative Cities in Tennessee in 2024

Because of my job and trips, I have a lot of knowledge about the specific details of various communities. I know how important it is to understand the political situation of a city, especially if you’re thinking about moving there.

In this guide, I will show you the most conservative cities in Tennessee. These places are not only known for their beautiful landscapes, but also for their long-held conservative beliefs.

I will use information about voting patterns, local policies, demographics, and the unique culture of each community to give a comprehensive understanding of what makes these cities unique within Tennessee’s conservative spectrum. Let’s explore these communities together, each with its own history of tradition and conservative values. If you want to learn about conservative strongholds in another state, you should read about the most conservative cities in Virginia.


Murfreesboro, a city located southeast of Nashville, is considered one of the most conservative cities in Tennessee. Although Murfreesboro has seen growth, its conservative values have remained unchanged.

The city’s conservative values are reflected in its prominent community events, such as patriotic parades, Memorial Day commemorations, and Veterans Day celebrations. Civic organizations in Murfreesboro are actively involved in promoting conservative causes. They work to ensure that the city’s conservative values remain strong and influence its future.


Cookeville is often referred to as the “Hub of the Upper Cumberlands” and has a strong conservative culture. The city’s government is designed to support businesses by keeping taxes low and limiting government involvement. Cookeville’s voting records show that the majority of people in the area tend to vote for conservative candidates, particularly those from the Republican party.

Furthermore, the city’s focus on family, religion, and local control of schools and other institutions aligns with important conservative principles. In addition, this city is an ideal place for people with conservative values to live in.

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Bristol is a city that is on the border between Tennessee and Virginia. It is well-known because it is where country music was born. However, Bristol is strongly influenced by conservative values, and its political and social views tend to be right-leaning. Bristol’s city government is committed to being fiscally conservative. This means they keep tax rates low and use public funds efficiently.


Lebanon is a city that is famous for its historic square and old-fashioned charm. It promotes conservative values by focusing on community living and giving importance to local control. The voting patterns in Lebanon have historically shown a preference for Republican candidates, indicating that the majority of the population tends to support them.


Smyrna has a strong military history and places importance on tradition, community, and patriotism. These values are important to conservative ideology. The city government operates in a careful and responsible way, focusing on managing money wisely and running efficiently. There is a strong focus on entrepreneurship and small businesses in this place, which matches the conservative values of promoting free enterprise and economic freedom. Smyrna has a strong support system for businesses, which includes various important initiatives and infrastructure developments.

Mount Juliet

Mount Juliet is a rapidly growing city in the state. It is called the “City between the Lakes” and is known for being conservative. The city’s governing bodies can be considerate, supportive of businesses, and careful with money when it comes to projects like saving money in the budget and reducing taxes.

The community culture in Mount Juliet is mostly focused on traditional values and family, which makes it a conservative place. Their focus on education, particularly on charter schools and private institutions, represents conservative education reform ideals.

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