Exploring the States With the Most Serial Killers

Serial killers, who commit multiple murders, both fascinate and frighten us. Knowing where these acts happen most often can provide valuable insights, even though the motives and methods may differ. This blog explores which states in the US have experienced the most serial killings.

New York

New York is famous for its busy streets and lively culture. However, it also has a troubling record as the state with the highest number of serial killers in the United States. Out of all the criminals, there were 18 serial killers. 12 of them were from New York City. These killers were responsible for a total of 677 victims.

In the 1970s, a well-known person named David Berkowitz, also known as the “Son of Sam,” caused fear and trouble in the city. Berkowitz, who was from New York City and used to be in the U.S. Army, scared people in New York by using a .44 Special caliber Bulldog revolver. He killed six people and hurt seven others by July 1977.


California is famous for its sunny beaches and lively cities, but it also has a less pleasant side. It is the second state in the US with the most serial killers. There have been 15 well-known serial killers in this state, and they have committed a shocking total of 1,777 murders.

One of the well-known criminals is the Zodiac Killer, who committed crimes in Northern California during the late 1960s. The killer left behind mysterious messages that confused investigators for many years. Another well-known criminal is Richard Ramirez, also known as the “Night Stalker.” He caused fear and panic in Los Angeles by committing at least 13 murders.

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Texas is ranked 3rd among states with the most serial killers in the US. It has a dark history connected to terrible crimes. In the state, there were 8 well-known serial killers who committed terrible crimes. As a result, a shocking 984 people became victims of their evil actions. Dean Arnold Corll was an American serial killer and sex offender who caused a lot of fear. He kidnapped, raped, tortured, and killed at least 28 teenage boys and young men between 1970 and 1973 in Houston and Pasadena, Texas. Adding to the troubling story of Texas, there is Genene Jones, who is known as


Illinois has a significant history of serial killers. It is ranked fourth among the states with the highest number of serial killers in the US. In this state, there have been 7 serial killers who have caused a total of 680 victims.

There is a well-known person named John Wayne Gacy, also known as “The Killer Clown.” He was found guilty in 1980 of 33 murders and other sexual crimes that happened between 1972 and 1978. As a result, he was given the death penalty. Herman Webster Mudgett, who was also known as H. H. Holmes, was a famous serial killer who built a terrifying


Ohio has a chilling history and is ranked fifth among the states with the most serial killers in the US. The state is known for having 7 serial killers who have collectively killed 505 people. One of the most well-known killers is Anthony Edward Sowell, also known as The Cleveland Strangler or The Imperial Avenue Murderer. He was convicted in 2011 for brutally murdering 11 women. Their bodies were found at his home in Cleveland in 2009, which was a tragic event.

There is another well-known serial killer in Ohio named Shawn Michael Grate. He was given the death penalty for killing five young women between 2006 and 2016 in different parts of northern Ohio. These troubling events in Ohio’s past are clear reminders of the harsh truths in our society.

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