Pennsylvania Has a Most Charming Small Town for Vacations

Pennsylvania has many charming small towns that are perfect for a fun road trip while exploring the state. USA Today has named a small town in Pennsylvania as one of the best and most enchanting in the country. It is currently ranked number one on the tally. This list is unique because it was voted on by real travelers. These top towns are chosen by travel experts and actual visitors, making this a real-life list of the best small towns in America.

Pennsylvania Small Charming Town

USA Today has released a new list of the best small towns in America. The list was divided into specific areas of the country. They have separate lists for the Midwest, Northeast, South, and West regions. I believe it’s a great way to showcase various small towns in America, by emphasizing their unique regions. Another advantage is that if you want to go on a road trip to a charming small town, you can easily find the list that is relevant to your area and requires a shorter journey.

The lists of the best small towns in America are featured in USA Today’s “10 Best” rankings. Regarding the way they do things, they explain, “Our travel experts choose the top 20 candidates in competitions that include food, accommodations, destinations, travel equipment, activities…and so on.” After that, it is your responsibility to make the final decision by voting. The list starts with choices made by travel experts, and then readers choose their favorites. Travel experts selected small towns with a population of less than 25,000 for the featured list. After that, they asked readers to vote for those towns.

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Which small town in Pennsylvania was ranked as the best in America? Ohiopyle is a town in Pennsylvania. According to USA Today, this place is located next to the winding Youghiogheny River and attracts people of all ages with its rugged charm and many natural attractions. Ohiopyle State Park is well-known for offering a variety of outdoor activities. Visitors can enjoy white-water rafting, rock climbing, spotting wildlife, and going on beautiful waterfall hikes.

There are several other towns in Pennsylvania that also made the list. These include Wellsboro at number 2, Sewickley at number 5, and Gettysburg at number 10. I am happy to see that many small towns in Pennsylvania are receiving national recognition from USA Today. We should not keep the beautiful towns of the Keystone State a secret. Reader’s Digest recently named one Pennsylvania beach as one of the best.

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