Pennsylvania Department Of Education Encourages to Drop Everything And Read

Dr. Khalid N. Mumin, the Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE), visited Rupert Elementary School in the Pottstown School District. He read to students in grades pre-K through 4 to celebrate Drop Everything and Read (D.E.A.R.) Day.

“Drop Everything and Read Day is a wonderful opportunity to get people of all ages excited about reading and to inspire them to make reading a regular part of their daily routine,” said Secretary Mumin. “Just by reading a book, you can lower stress, sleep better, enhance memory and thinking abilities, learn new words, boost creativity. This applies to both kids and grown-ups.”

Studies have shown that reading regularly can have many benefits for learners. It can help improve focus and concentration, enhance cognitive abilities, develop critical thinking skills, improve writing and communication skills, build problem-solving skills, learn social skills, develop empathy, and find connection and support.

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“The students and staff at Rupert Elementary School are happy to have Secretary Mumin as a guest reader for DEAR Day.” “His love for reading is just like our commitment to encouraging a love of reading in our children,” said Matthew Moyer, Principal of Rupert Elementary School. Reading out loud to students helps them improve their language skills by expanding their vocabulary and enhancing their understanding of what they read.

Moreover, reading helps develop a lasting passion for books and stories, stimulating creativity, understanding others’ perspectives, and enhancing analytical thinking skills that go beyond just reading. We appreciate the Secretary for making time in his busy schedule to join us at Rupert to celebrate reading!

The D.E.A.R. event is named after author Beverly Cleary and is celebrated every year on her birthday. It is a month-long national event that aims to promote reading and encourage people of all ages to prioritize reading.

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