Exploring the Very Best Virginia City for Renters in Entire State

Virginia Beach is a fantastic choice if you’re searching for a rental destination in the United States. This coastal city in southeastern Virginia has been ranked as one of the top cities in the country for renters by WalletHub. The assessment evaluates rental attractiveness and quality of life based on 21 key indicators.

Virginia Beach: A Top Choice for Renters

Virginia Beach is not only popular with tourists but also offers affordable and comfortable living for renters. These are the main reasons for its high rank:

Virginia Beach offers affordable living with an average rent of $1,235 for a one-bedroom apartment, which is 14% below the national average. The city ensures that renters spend a smaller portion of their income on rent by maintaining a low rent-to-income ratio.

Virginia Beach boasts a strong local economy with a low unemployment rate, a high median annual income, and a diverse job market including tourism, defense, education, and healthcare.

City life includes a pleasant climate, minimal crime, and a strong feeling of security. Renters can take advantage of the area’s natural beauty, cultural diversity, and wide range of recreational amenities such as beaches, parks, museums, and festivals for a diverse selection of activities and entertainment.

Virginia Beach Compared to Other Cities

Virginia Beach ranked 9th out of 182 cities in the WalletHub study for rental market and living conditions. Here are the top 10 cities for renters: Overland Park, KS; Scottsdale, AZ; Bismarck, ND; Sioux Falls, SD; Chandler, AZ; Fargo, ND; Plano, TX; Lincoln, NE; Virginia Beach, VA; and Gilbert, AZ.

Virginia Beach is the only city from Virginia in the top 10 and also distinguishes itself among coastal cities. It outperformed other major cities in the state like Richmond, Norfolk, and Chesapeake in rental affordability, economic strength, and quality of life.

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What Makes Virginia Beach a Great Rental Choice?

Virginia Beach accommodates renters from various backgrounds, including students, professionals, families, and retirees. You can find a wide range of rental choices in the city, including comfortable apartments and large houses, located in different neighborhoods to cater to various lifestyles and financial situations. Residing in Virginia Beach offers the opportunity to enjoy a lively city with a deep history, diverse culture, and beautiful natural surroundings. Living here guarantees a satisfying and worthwhile experience you’ll be happy with.


Virginia Beach, a coastal city in southeastern Virginia, has been ranked as one of the top cities for renters by WalletHub. The city offers affordable living with an average rent of $1,235, a strong local economy, and a diverse job market. Its pleasant climate, minimal crime, and recreational amenities make it a great choice for renters.

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