Exposing 7 Most Conservative Cities in Washington for 2024

If you want to know if Washington has any conservative places or cities, this detailed guide is perfect for you. In this article, we will discuss the most conservative cities in Washington. Washington is a beautiful state that is great to live in or visit.

As we explore Evergreen State, we will examine the politics and demographics of each city, helping you become familiar with the conservative areas. If you are planning a vacation in Washington, you can use the opportunity to conduct important research. This research can help you find out where to migrate or gather information related to this topic.

Most Conservative Cities in Washington


Our top pick for the most conservative city in Washington is Ellensburg. This city in Kittitas County has a strong conservative presence, even though it has a modest population of about 20,000. Ellensburg’s economy is based on farming and Central Washington University. This creates a special mix of education and agriculture.


Longview is a city in Cowlitz County. It is ranked on our list. The city’s conservative views are largely influenced by its past as a center for the timber industry, which is often linked to conservative political beliefs. Most of the town’s 37,000 residents believe in being independent, working hard, and following traditional values. Longview is considered one of the most conservative cities in Washington.


Spokane is in the biggest city in Washington state, and it has around 200,000 people living there. At first, it may seem strange that this rich list includes a place with fewer than one hundred thousand people. However, this municipality has a center-right ideology and challenges the assumption that people there only support based on financial benefits.


We are returning to the tri-cities, and Richland is ranked fourth. Just like Kennewick, the fact that Richland is located near the Hanford site has greatly influenced the city’s conservative beliefs. This city is known for its focus on science and technology and has a high level of education. The population of about 56,000 people in this city mostly holds conservative attitudes.

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Walla Walla

Now, let’s talk about the top five, and Walla Walla is one of them. Walla Walla is famous for its wine industry. It is a place where most of its almost 32,000 residents have conservative beliefs and support traditional values. Whitman College is located in the city, which brings a youthful energy to the generally conservative atmosphere.

Moses Lake

As we travel through Washington, we have now arrived at Moses Lake. This city is located in the eastern part of Washington, specifically in Grant County. It is known for its strong conservative values that are deeply ingrained in the community.

Moses Lake is well-known for growing potatoes, wheat, and alfalfa. The local economy is focused on supporting people with traditional values. This city has a population of around 20,000 people and is known for its conservative ideologies, which make it stand out and interesting.


Kennewick is a city located in the southern part of Washington state. It is known for being popular among Republicans. When we return to the tri-cities, we will visit Kennewick, which is number 7 on our list. This city is known for being a strong center of conservative values in the state. Kennewick’s economy is focused on nuclear technology because it is close to the Hanford site.


This guide explores the most conservative cities in Washington, focusing on the politics and demographics of each city. Ellensburg, Longview, Spokane, Richland, Walla Walla, Moses Lake, and Kennewick are ranked based on their conservative beliefs, politics, and demographics. Ellensburg, a small city with a mix of farming and education, is considered the most conservative. Longview, a city with a history in the timber industry, is ranked fourth due to its focus on science and technology.

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