The Richest Woman in Ohio Has Been Revealed

It’s not like that anymore. The average value of national football teams has gone up by 14% in recent years, reaching $3.48 billion. Owning a sports team is a great investment because of the profitable media deals, strong brand loyalty, and the chance to become a local hero.

Last year, the value of the San Francisco 49ers increased by 15%. This made them one of the most valuable teams in the NFL and resulted in the York family becoming very wealthy. Today, I will discuss the wealthiest woman from the York family who resides in Youngstown, Ohio.

Her name is Marie Denise DeBartolo York. She has a net worth of over $5.8 billion, which makes her the 182nd richest person in the country.

Who is Marie Denise DeBartolo York?

Marie Denise DeBartolo York is a very rich businesswoman who owns the San Francisco 49ers American football team. She was born in Youngstown, Ohio. Youngstown is known for producing steel and being a popular place for European immigrants to settle. Her family worked in the business of developing real estate properties.

She completed her studies at Saint Mary’s College of Indiana, which is a college for women affiliated with the Catholic Church. After finishing school, she got a job at her father’s company, The DeBartolo Corporation, and soon became the executive vice president. After her father died in 1994, she took over as the co-chairman of the company and sold off a lot of its assets.

In 1978, Edward DeBartolo bought the Pittsburgh Penguins, a team in the National Hockey League. He then made Marie Denise DeBartolo York the President of the team. While she was president, the team won the Stanley Cup in the 1990-1991 season. But, she sold the team the next year.

In 1977, the Edward J. DeBartolo Corporation bought the 49ers, and Edward J. DeBartolo Jr. became the president of the club. The team won five Super Bowls while he was in charge.

In 1999, Edward J. DeBartolo Jr. faced legal issues and had to give control of the team to Marie Denise DeBartolo York and her husband, John York. After ten years, Jed York, their son, became the owner of the team.

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John York

John York, her husband, started DeYor Laboratories in Youngstown, Ohio. He began with three employees and grew the company to 500 people before selling it to Corning, Inc. in 1993.

The Yorks have four children: Jed, Tony (who passed away in 2018), Jenna, and Mara. The team website says that the York children are also passionate about community service and are very involved in the 49ers Foundation.


The average value of national football teams has increased by 14%, reaching $3.48 billion. Marie Denise DeBartolo York, the 182nd richest person in the country, owns the San Francisco 49ers American football team. Born in Youngstown, Ohio, she worked at The DeBartolo Corporation and later became president of the Pittsburgh Penguins. Her husband, John York, started DeYor Laboratories in Youngstown and has four children.

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