Unveiling The Most Worst Neighborhood In Shreveport for 2024

In 2024, we learned some surprising things about the safety of neighborhoods in Shreveport. We are using a combination of statistics and opinions to determine which areas are doing well and which ones need improvement. The neighborhoods that are being closely examined are Allendale-Lakeside and Mooretown And Hollywood Heights, which are the most worrisome. These rankings take into account more than just crime rates. They also consider factors such as job opportunities, income levels, population density, and property values.

Breaking Down Worst Neighborhood in Shreveport

The neighborhood of Allendale-Lakeside has been named the worst neighborhood in Shreveport for 2024. The city has a population of 6,860 people and faces significant issues with both violent and property crimes. The median home values in the community are very low, at $38,892. This reflects the economic challenges faced by the community. Similarly, the median income of $19,668 shows that many residents are facing financial difficulties.

Mooretown and Hollywood Heights are facing their own set of issues. The neighborhood has a median home value of $84,620, which is slightly higher. However, it also has a significant violent crime rate of 1,002 incidents per 100,000 people. Residents here have a median income of $22,387, which means they earn a moderate amount of money. However, this income level also brings economic difficulties that affect their overall quality of life.

Areas for Safety and Growth

The purpose of these rankings is not to show that Shreveport is completely negative. The focus is on identifying areas that need attention and resources to enhance the safety and well-being of residents. On the other hand, neighborhoods like Springlake-University Terrace are known for being safe and prosperous, and they demonstrate the city’s ability to grow and develop.

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When city officials, community leaders, and residents understand the difficulties faced by different neighborhoods, they can collaborate to make positive improvements. There are different ways to make Shreveport a safer and more vibrant place for everyone. This can be done by increasing police presence, implementing economic development projects, and organizing community outreach programs.


In 2024, Shreveport’s neighborhoods, Allendale-Lakeside and Mooretown And Hollywood Heights, were ranked as the most worrisome due to high crime rates, low median home values, and economic challenges. While Springlake-University Terrace is known for its safety, the rankings highlight areas needing improvement. Collaboration between city officials, community leaders, and residents can lead to positive improvements.

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