Families moving to Bronx apartments after winning NYC affordable housing lottery

A new building for affordable housing has opened in the Bronx. It is specifically designed to assist individuals with mental health concerns, homeless families, and low-income families.

The River Avenue apartments, located on River Avenue, have a total of 245 units that are part of the affordable housing program. Celestino Quiñones, who is 66 years old, said that the new home he received has had a profound impact on his life.

Quiñones, who is from the Bronx, stayed in a shelter for a total of two years and five months. He still remembered the day he received the news that he was chosen to move into a new, reasonably priced studio apartment at the River Avenue Apartments.

The date was January 18th. He said it was a day he would always remember. Quiñones felt like it was a fresh start when he received the keys. He is excited to have his eight grandchildren and cook seafood.

Quiñones was among the first people to move into this new building. The ribbon cutting will take place on Tuesday afternoon. The project was made possible through a collaboration between community access, NYC’s housing preservation and development, and the state’s homes and community renewal. It’s more than just housing that is affordable; it’s a community that offers services such as counseling, support groups, and help finding jobs.

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There are many open housing lotteries available throughout the city that offer affordable options.

As of this story, there are 36 open lotteries across the city on NYC Housing Connect, which is managed by the Department of Housing Preservation and Development. You can apply online at this moment.

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