This NYC Apartment Looks Like a Prison Cell and People are Really Upset

I find fascinating pictures and videos of places, businesses, and people in New York City. Housing in New York City is very expensive, which is a topic that concerns both residents and people who criticize the high cost of living in the city. Some wonder why anyone would choose to live there.

A video was posted 5 months ago that received a lot of attention. It is important to note that the video was not sponsored or affiliated with any organization. The image is called “a prison cell” and it depicts a young girl lowering her bed from the ceiling. This demonstrates how limited the space is in her apartment in NYC. When the bed is unfolded, it occupies the entire area that is meant for the kitchen, living room, and dining room. However, there are no separate rooms for these areas. Instead, it is a very small space that is completely occupied by the bed!

I understand that the angle of the photo and the available space might be deceiving, but if you consider the size of the girl (short and small), it’s obvious that the apartment is extremely small. The space feels more like a closet than an apartment. Actually, some of the comments also mentioned it.

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The people in the comment section are angry about the current state of NYC and how small the living spaces have become. Here are the top comments:

  • “Not a studio apartment, it’s a closet”.
  • “Lot of faith in that latch.”
  • “why that much sacrifice? Looks like a prison with Privilege.”
  • “Looks like a prison with Privilege.”
  • “Welcome to my jail cell.”

I understand their perspective and don’t hold them responsible. I understand why someone would be upset if this were their apartment. The girl didn’t say how much it costs her. Some people in the comments are joking that the rent must be very high, like $3-4k per month.

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