This Tiny NYC Apartment Has a Shower in the Kitchen And It’s $3.5K Per Month

New York City is known for being very expensive to live in. As of March 12, 2024, Zillow reports that the median rent in New York City is $3,450. This is about $1,400 higher than the national median rent average mentioned in’s February 2024 report. Considering this, it’s not surprising that New Yorkers might be willing to ignore certain features when searching for an affordable space.

Take a look at how people on Instagram reacted to a video that went viral on March 2. The video was posted by a realtor named @ocr_realty and it shows a Soho apartment with a bathroom in the kitchen. This apartment is available for rent at a price of $3,495 per month. @Ocr_realty starts the video by saying that, in his opinion, the layout of the space is the worst he has ever seen in an apartment. “What I’m going to show you all is very ridiculous, it might leave some of you without words,” he says.

When the realtor goes inside, you’ll notice a tiled half-wall near the door. If you’re curious, it’s the apartment’s unfinished shower in the kitchen. It’s dirty and surrounded by grime and drywall.

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The unit’s “bathroom” is located in a closet without a sink, lights, or mirror. It only has a toilet and a window. However, the studio space has three windows that provide renters with ample natural light.

Many viewers were very surprised by the layout of the apartment. Over 3,690 Instagram accounts have commented on @ocr_realty’s video since it was first posted. “Someone commented that the price for a roach motel is $3,495.”

One person asked, “Isn’t having an open shower next to the fridge and stove a fire hazard?” But not everyone was scared away by the apartment. “That’s actually really nice,” one Instagram user argued. “I don’t hate it,” another person commented. “I believe it is appropriate for one person.”

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