Michigan Eatery Becomes the Best Seafood Restaurant in the Entire State

A bowl of chowder is not complete without clams, bisque is not complete without lobster, scampi is not complete without shrimp, and mignonette sauce and a seafood tower are not complete without delicious oysters.

Seafood definitely adds flavor to a main course. Especially when it is served fresh from the top seafood restaurant in Michigan! Eat This Not That thoroughly explored the top seafood restaurants in America, ranging from small and casual places to high-end dining establishments, and covered every detail. There are many restaurants in Michigan that serve delicious seafood, but there is one that is known for being the best. If you love seafood or are looking for a great place for a date night, you should definitely check out the best seafood restaurant in the whole state!

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According to a list made by Eat This Not That, Joe Muer Seafood in Detroit serves the best seafood in Michigan. Eat This Not That magazine gave high praise to this restaurant for its delicious Atlantic swordfish and Georges Bank Scallops. Here’s what Eat This Not That said about the restaurant that serves the best seafood in the whole state:

“Joe Muer Seafood has been open since 1929 and provides a fancy seafood dining experience. You can enjoy a view of the river and listen to live music while you dine.” The famous seafood restaurant serves dishes such as grilled swordfish from the Atlantic and scallops from Georges Bank. ‘I can say that all the dishes were cooked better than any other place I’ve ever eaten.’ One satisfied customer wrote that the lobster, filet, sides, and appetizer were all cooked perfectly.

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