Surprising 7 Best Coffee Shops in Dallas are Here

Coffee can be enjoyed in different ways. It can be a basic drink made in a pot or a special drink made by a skilled barista. If you’re looking for a delicious cup of coffee without the hassle of making it yourself, Dallas has a variety of coffee shops that serve high-quality drinks in comfortable settings. The group is diverse and draws inspiration from various cultures, so there is always something different to experience. If you ever need a refreshing drink to wake you up, a place to work that’s not your home or office, or just want to relax and have some coffee in a cozy chair, check out these coffee shops in Dallas.

Best Coffee Shops in Dallas

Cafe Duro

Duro Hospitality is responsible for managing several popular restaurants in Dallas, such as El Carlos Elegante, Mister Charles, and Sister. Right next to the place I just mentioned, you’ll find Cafe Duro. It’s a cafe that serves coffee, pastries, panini, wine, and spritzes all day long, with a European style. Begin your morning with a basic espresso shot to wake up, or take your time enjoying fancier drinks, such as the salted pistachio caramel nitro latte or a glass of banana horchata with espresso or matcha added.

Wayward Coffee Co.

Wayward started as a 1975 Volkswagen bus and later opened a physical store near the Bishop Arts District. They have also recently opened a second location in the Design District. Both shops are sunny and comfortable, and they have lots of green plants. However, the Design District location has a special room called the “community room” that can be booked for meetings and quiet work sessions. Regarding the coffee, they excel at making all the traditional favorites, such as espresso shots, Americanos, cappuccinos, and cortados.

Houndstooth Coffee

This business from Austin started operating in Dallas in 2014. The Sylvan 30 shop has been joined by two more locations — one on Henderson and another at 75 and Walnut Hill. Both coffee shops are attractive, but the original one was given the title of the most beautiful coffee shop in Texas by Architectural Digest. And, most importantly, there is also a cocktail bar called Jettison located nearby.

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Chimlanh is a project that involves both Reyna Duong from Sandwich Hag and Jinny Cho from Detour Doughnuts in Frisco. The coffee shop opened in 2023, making it the first Vietnamese coffee shop in Dallas. It is located in the same space as Sandwich Hag. Coffees are made by slowly dripping them through traditional phin filters. They can be enjoyed black or sweetened with condensed milk and coconut cream. The menu also includes non-coffee options such as homemade strawberry-hibiscus lemonade and mango spritzers.

La La Land Kind Cafe

La La Land is a cafe called Kind Cafe. It is not just a name, but also represents their values. The cafe was started with the intention of providing employment and guidance to foster youth and those who have left the foster care system. The cafes have a cheerful atmosphere with bright white and yellow decorations. The employees are friendly and make sure every customer feels happy even before they have their first sip of coffee. The coffees available include basic espressos and cold brews, as well as more unique lattes with flavors like lavender and butterfly pea flower.

Weekend Coffee

Weekend Coffee is located inside the Joule, which is one of our favorite luxury hotels in Dallas. The small café has limited seating inside and spills out into the lobby. You can sit comfortably and enjoy your Americano or Spanish latte made with sweetened condensed milk and cinnamon. You can enjoy it with a delicious muffin, a ham and cheese croissant, or a breakfast taco. Here’s a helpful tip: you can make any drink better by adding some CBD oil to it.

LDU Coffee

Australia’s coffee culture is showcased at LDU. Mark and Adam Lowes, who are brothers, used to run a shop in Perth. They then moved to the United States and decided to share their love and knowledge of coffee with the people of Dallas. The coffee is described as a more intense version of traditional Italian espresso, with a bold and strong flavor and a thicker texture. Try it out by ordering a shot of espresso, a flat white, or the Captain America, which is a bold black coffee.

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