These Orleans Most Unsafe Heavens Facing Difficulties By 2024

The Southwest Journal reports that despite the lively atmosphere and constant celebrations in New Orleans, there is a darker side to the city. This is evident from the crime statistics, which show a gloomy reality. Residents have a high chance of being victims of violent crimes, which is much higher than the national average. This can be very scary and alarming. However, within the darkness, there is a city that is full of culture and history. It is a place where bravery is recognized, but it is also important to be cautious. It’s important to explore the different neighborhoods in New Orleans to find a balance between safety and the vibrant atmosphere that makes the city unique. Visitors should consider both the potential risks and the attractions of the Big Easy.

Difficult Locations in New Orleans


The reality is very different from what the Desire neighborhood used to be, which was once lively and full of promise. People living in the area are having trouble with money because the average income is only $16,345 and the average value of properties is $26,725. The current state of the environment is marked by empty houses and shut-down businesses. This situation is made worse by public schools that don’t have enough money and a high level of crime. However, even though the community is facing difficulties, they remain hopeful and believe that they can overcome the obstacles and achieve recovery.

Viavant-Venetian Isles

The Viavant-Venetian Isles neighborhood is designed to resemble Venice, but it is actually located near a bayou. Despite its name, it is not a perfect replica of Venice. The people who live near the lake use boats for their daily activities. However, they are experiencing financial problems, with a jobless rate of 10.2% and a median income of only $14,722. The close-knit community supports each other and takes pride in their unique way of life, even though it can be expensive. They come together during local festivals and have a strong sense of unity.


Tulane-Gravier, despite being named after the prestigious Tulane University, hides its actual economic condition. The area, which is mostly controlled by the University Medical Center New Orleans, has difficulties because of its 6.9% unemployment rate and median income of $19,298. However, even though they face economic difficulties, the people in the neighborhood find solace in their cultural history and strive to improve their community. They are also fortunate to be surrounded by historic sites and be close to the French Quarter.

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Pines Village

Despite its peaceful name, Pines Village is actually experiencing economic difficulties that contradict its picturesque appearance. Residents in the area face a difficult challenge because the average value of homes is $119,375, which is too expensive for many locals who earn a median income of $20,048. However, even with the challenges, the locals have a strong sense of community. They work together to improve their quality of life, despite the difference in income levels.


The neighborhood’s residents in Florida are facing financial hardships, but their situation is being misunderstood due to a wrong name. The area has some difficulties because the median income is low at $17,125. However, there is some hope because it is located near important cultural sites. Despite facing financial difficulties, people in the area unite to create a better future, finding strength in their sense of community.

Fischer Dev

Fischer Dev, which used to have low-income housing, is still facing financial problems. Despite efforts to help people recover, there are still difficulties, as shown by the high unemployment rate of 9.1% and the median income of $21,098. Even though people have been hoping for a better future for many generations, there are now signs of new businesses starting to appear, which is a positive sign of regeneration.

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