Study Finds 6 Most Unsafe Heavens In Massachusetts for 2024

The Southwest Journal reported that RoadSnacks has released a new report on the most dangerous cities in Massachusetts for 2022. In addition to well-known places like Boston and Salem, there are other areas in the state that have higher risks which may not be widely known. RoadSnacks analyzed crime rates in more than 240 cities in Massachusetts using data from the FBI. Researchers discovered that arson is a significant problem, but the rates of murders and serious assaults differ in various locations.

It is surprising to discover that even in smaller cities with approximately 13,000 people, there can be a significant amount of violent crime. Even though Massachusetts didn’t rank in the top ten most dangerous states overall, cities like Springfield still have significant safety challenges. This report suggests that these areas may require more attention and improved policing in order to ensure the safety of people.

Most Unsafe Heavens In Massachusetts for 2024


Unfortunately, Holyoke has been the most dangerous city in Massachusetts for the past three years. Even though Holyoke is located in a beautiful area between the Connecticut River and Mount Tom Range, the crime rates in the city are high. The population of this place is 40,002. The residents here have a crime rate that is three times higher than the average crime rate in the state. In 2020, there was almost one violent crime reported every day. Holyoke had the second highest murder rate and ranked 49th in reported rape cases in the state.


Springfield is a city that is famous for being the birthplace of Smith & Wesson and Dr. Seuss. It is known for its combination of innovation and cultural importance. But what’s really getting people’s attention is the alarming level of violent crime in Springfield. In 2020, the city had a population of 153,084. It reported a very high number of violent crimes, with 966 per 100,000 residents. This was the highest number of violent crimes in Massachusetts.

North Adams

North Adams, located in Berkshire County in western Massachusetts, is well-known for its tourism, culture, and recreational activities. However, it is also gaining a concerning reputation as a hazardous location. In 2020, North Adams had a population of 12,620. It reported a property crime rate of 2,432 per 100,000 residents, which was the second highest burglary rate in the state.

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Hadley, a small town located about 20 miles north of Springfield, is unfortunately considered the most dangerous place in Massachusetts. Hadley, with a population of only 5,352, proves that small towns can be just as unsafe as larger ones, despite their size. Surprisingly, it had a high number of property crimes, with 2,821 incidents per 100,000 residents.


Boston is a city in Massachusetts that is loved by many people for its history and culture. It is located on the eastern side of the state. With its famous schools and creative energy, this city attracts millions of visitors every year. It is always busy and full of activity. However, Boston’s attractiveness is diminished by its position as the seventh most unsafe city in the state. The city had 58 murders and 184 sexual assaults in 2020. This has made people worried about safety.

West Springfield

West Springfield is located just across the river from Springfield. It is considered the eighth most dangerous city in Massachusetts. While Springfield has a higher rate of violent crimes, this city still has a significant rate of property crimes. People who live there are concerned about this. Their main worry is the safety of their homes and belongings.

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