These Georgia Cities Increased Safety Concerns in 2024

Feeling safe is very important when you move into a new home, as reported by Southwest Journal. If you’re planning to move to Georgia, it’s important to be aware that some places are safer than others. This state has beautiful scenery and interesting historical sites. However, some cities have higher crime rates, especially during the night. We analyzed FBI data to determine which cities in Georgia pose the highest risks in 2024.

We examined areas with a population of over 5,000 and analyzed the rate of violent and property crimes per person. We aim to provide you with accurate information so that you can determine if a place is suitable for you. Just a reminder, we are not criticizing the police. Every city also has safe areas. Georgia has a relatively high ranking among states with more crime, placing in the top third. The cities we talked about are a major reason why people perceive Georgia in this manner. If you’re considering moving here, it’s a good idea to learn about the different places first before making any major decisions.

Georgia Cities with Increased Safety Concerns in 2024

College Park

According to recent data, College Park, which is located south of Atlanta, has once again been named the most dangerous city in Georgia. Even though it has the busiest airport in the world, the city struggles with a lot of crime and has the highest rate of violent offenses in the state. This means that there are very high rates of rape and the highest number of murders. There are many property crimes, like car thefts, happening frequently. In 2020, there were 213 car thefts reported. The city has a lot of cultural importance because it has produced famous artists like Ludacris and 2 Chainz.


In Americus, a city located in Sumter County with a population of 14,910, there are ongoing concerns about safety. It is ranked as the second most dangerous area in Georgia. There is a high rate of violent crimes in this area, including cases of rape. The murder and burglary rates are also among the highest in the state. It is important for residents to stay alert and cautious.

Garden City

Even though it has a peaceful name and is located near Savannah, Garden City is actually the third most dangerous city in Georgia. Even though it looks peaceful on the surface, it actually has the third-highest rate of violent crimes in the state. It is important to always be alert and careful, even in places that seem safe, in order to protect both locals and visitors.

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Albany, Georgia is the seventh-largest city in the state, but it is considered the fourth riskiest place to live. In 2020, there was a high chance of residents becoming victims of violent crimes. Statistics revealed that approximately one out of every 58 individuals were affected. This is the second-highest rate of violent crime in Georgia, which is quite surprising. In addition to the worry, Albany also has the second-highest burglary rate in the state, with about two break-ins happening every day.


Waycross is located in southeast Georgia and is known for its important role in transportation. It got its name because it was a major railroad junction in the 19th century. Even though the city has good connectivity, it unfortunately has the fifth-highest crime rate in Georgia. This disturbing fact means that even though Waycross has convenient transportation options, people must be careful to protect their safety and well-being.

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