Exploring 5 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods To Reside In Milwaukee

Living in Milwaukee has been a very interesting experience. The place is famous for its vibrant atmosphere and abundant job opportunities. However, the city also has a serious issue: crime. Certain neighborhoods such as North Division, Franklin Heights, Metcalfe Park, Park West, and Garden Homes have significantly higher levels of crime compared to other neighborhoods. It is surprising and concerning to see that these rates are much higher compared to other areas of Milwaukee.

There is a significant divide between various communities in Milwaukee, particularly between black and white neighborhoods. This division, along with poverty, often results in more crime. It’s a difficult problem that Milwaukee, like many other cities, is attempting to solve. It is crucial to find ways to make all neighborhoods in Milwaukee safer and more equal as people live and work there.

Most Dangerous Neighborhoods To Reside In Milwaukee

North Division

The North Division neighborhood, which has a population of 6,023 people, experienced many safety issues. There were a total of 10,914 reported incidents. There were a total of 5,339 violent crimes and 5,575 property disruptions. North Division has older homes and green spaces that many people find attractive. However, the neighborhood has a bad reputation because there are a lot of assault and theft cases happening there. The large number of crimes reported in North Division, with slightly more property crimes than violent incidents, shows that there is an urgent need for community-driven efforts to address safety concerns and improve the well-being of residents.

Franklin Heights

Franklin Heights is a busy neighborhood with a population of 6,836. It has had some safety problems, with a total of 10,803 reported incidents. These incidents include 4,976 violent crimes and 5,827 property disruptions. The neighborhood, where approximately one-third of the population lives below the poverty line, is dealing with significant difficulties. But there is hope for positive change with initiatives like the Century City Business Park. The high number of crimes reported in 2020, with property crimes slightly more common than violent incidents, shows that there is still a need for community support and initiatives to address safety concerns in Franklin Heights.

Metcalfe Park

Metcalfe Park is a small square in Milwaukee with a population of 2,673 people. It has faced many safety challenges, with a total of 10,492 reported incidents. These incidents include 5,547 violent crimes and 4,945 property disruptions. The neighborhood has faced many challenges throughout its history. With a poverty rate of over 60%, it is often seen as one of the most dangerous areas in Milwaukee. The crime statistics from 2020 show that there were more violent crimes than property crimes in Metcalfe Park. This highlights the ongoing challenges faced by the residents.

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Garden Homes

Garden Homes is a small community with 3,016 people. They have had a lot of safety problems, with a total of 9,886 reported incidents. These incidents include 4,174 violent crimes and 5,712 property disruptions. Garden Homes was originally located at the intersection of North Teutonia and West Atkinson Avenues. Over time, it has grown and developed, showing its strong history and ability to overcome challenges.

Borchert Field

Borchert Field is a small neighborhood with a population of 3,405. Unfortunately, there have been a total of 8,665 reported incidents in the area, including 4,124 violent crimes and 4,541 property disruptions. This is a concerning safety situation. The neighborhood has a mostly residential character and beautiful rolling hills, but it has a very high crime rate that is 361% higher than the average in Wisconsin. In the year, there were different types of crimes such as murder, rape, burglary, and property theft. Property crimes were slightly more common than violent incidents.

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