The Darkest Spots Make these Cities Most Dangerous In Oklahoma

Southwest Journal reports that Oklahoma is dealing with significant safety issues, as stated in a recent report by RoadSnacks. Their list shows which areas in the state have high crime rates. According to the list, Oklahoma is ranked as the tenth most dangerous state in the country. This new information is very different from the peaceful pictures usually connected to the state. It shows real dangers that people who live there or want to move there should know about. It is important for residents to stay informed about their surroundings, especially in cities like Tulsa and Muskogee where crime is a persistent issue.

The reason RoadSnacks created the report was to give important information to the public. The team analyzed crime data from the FBI’s crime report to evaluate 73 cities in Oklahoma. They looked at both violent and property crime statistics. The method aims to provide a summary of safety concerns throughout the state, allowing individuals to make informed decisions about their safety and well-being.

Piedmont is known as the safest city in Oklahoma. However, a recent report by RoadSnacks reminds residents in other parts of the state to remain cautious. It is very important for people to know about possible dangers and understand the warnings given in these reports. When people know about dangerous areas, they can take action to keep themselves and their communities safe. This helps create a safer environment for everyone.

Most Dangerous Cities In Oklahoma 2024

  • Tulsa is the second largest city and unfortunately has a high crime rate, including violent crimes such as assaults and robberies.
  • Idabel city in southeastern Oklahoma is ranked second on the list. There is a lot of crime happening, especially crimes related to property.
  • Anadarko Even though it is small, Anadarko has a lot of crime and is considered one of the most dangerous cities in the state.
  • Ardmore is a place. Ardmore, a city in southern Oklahoma, deals with a range of criminal activities, which has led to its inclusion on the list of dangerous cities.
  • Ponca City is a place. The crime rates in Ponca City are high, which is why it is on the list. Residents are worried about safety and security.
  • Hugo city has problems with crime that affect the quality of life for its residents. As a result, it is considered one of the most dangerous cities in Oklahoma.
  • Pauls Valley is a place. Pauls Valley is still facing safety issues and remains on the list, despite attempts to address crime.
  • Del City is a place. Del City, which is a suburb of Oklahoma City, has to deal with a certain amount of crime, especially property crimes such as theft and burglary.
  • Muskogee has ongoing problems with crime, including violent crimes such as shootings and assaults. As a result, it is considered one of the most dangerous cities in the state.
  • Oklahoma City The state capital has many opportunities, but it also deals with crime, especially in certain neighborhoods. This is why it is considered one of the most dangerous cities in Oklahoma.

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