Memphis Eats 5 Outstanding Mexican Restaurants You Can't Miss

Memphis’s culinary industry offers a delightful world beyond smoked meats, even though it is home to the world’s greatest barbecue. Do you want flavors from south of the border with a Memphis twist? There’s nowhere else to look!

This article delves further into Memphis Eats: 5 Must-Try Mexican Restaurants. We’ve looked into hidden treasures and neighborhood favorites that offer real food, lively ambiances, and delectable treats for every palate.

So make way for the greatest Mexican restaurants Memphis has to offer and prepare to go on a flavor fiesta instead of stopping at the burger joint!

La Cocina Mexicana Bar & Grill

Family-friendly La Cocina Mexicana Bar & Grill is renowned for its mouthwatering fare at reasonable costs. Additionally, their portion sizes are larger than in other locations.

The relaxed atmosphere is perfect for dining with loved ones or friends. It’s also located close to a lot of nearby hotels. Grab a large bowl of Supreme Nachos to start your meal. The chips are covered in a thick layer of creamy white cheese sauce and contain chicken, beef, and beans.

Sour cream is served with every meal to counteract the juice. Their Taquitos are another popular favorite.


Unlike other restaurants, this informal dining establishment serves southern cuisine with a Latin influence. They are proud of the homemade meals and drinks they serve.

Memphis Eats 5 Outstanding Mexican Restaurants You Can't Miss
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Customers adore the establishment’s contemporary vintage interiors as well. Enjoy their house-made guacamole at the table, along by house chips, to satisfy your appetite. When you add crispy bacon bits and more jalapeño heat, the avocados become even more delicious.

Moving on to the meal, their shrimp tacos are a must-try. Grilled shrimp covered in their famous return sauce will make your mouth water.

Playita Mexicana

Delicious Tex-Mex food is served at Playita Mexicana for gatherings with loved ones. The location exudes a sense of coziness and home thanks to its involved proprietors. The excellent food and welcoming atmosphere make it a favorite among Clevelanders.

Playita Mexicana says that when it comes to dishes, simplicity is best. Visitors adore the freshest ingredients used to make their salsa and chips. Their cheese sauce is so creamy and flavorful that it will make you want to sip it.

You also have to taste their enchiladas. Loaded with delicious chili rellenos and beans, this dish will leave your plate untouched.

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Las Delicias

In the owner’s garage, Las Delicias first opened as a taco business. This locally owned restaurant is still serving up great, real Mexican food years later. The cozy ambiance and delicious dinners make guests want to return.

Memphis Eats: 5 Outstanding Mexican Restaurants You Can't Miss
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Both locals and visitors love it, and it’s the ideal spot for easy and delicious snacks. Getting their renowned homemade tortilla chips is highly recommended.

A selection of dips, such as fresh ceviche and melting queso, are served with these crispy chips. Remember to sample some of their juicy burritos. These ten-inch folded tortillas were bursting with refried beans and onions.

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Los Comales Mexican Bar & Grill

Los Comales, which is likewise situated on Madison Avenue, is well-known for its organic Mexican cuisine.
With two locations that are open daily, you may satisfy your appetites nearly always.

Additionally, you may place an online purchase to have the treats delivered right to your door. Enjoy their delicious Chicken Quesadilla to satisfy your appetite for Mexican cuisine.

There’s always gooey melted cheese, tender chicken, and bell peppers in every slice. Why not try their traditional Carne Asada for lunch?

These beef strips feature sautéed onions, rice, and beans, unlike American steak. Meat fluids seep into every bite, making it supple and tender.

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To Conclude

Memphis’ Mexican food scene has something for every craving, from the kid-friendly portions of La Cocina Mexicana to the vivid Latin flavors of Babalu.

You’ll want to return for more because of Playita Mexicana’s welcoming environment and Las Delicias’ genuine recipes, while Los Comales pleases with both convenience and organic ingredients.

So give up the burger joint and try these five amazing Mexican restaurants to expand your palate. While Memphis barbecue is undoubtedly the best, these places show that south of the border cuisine also reigns supreme!

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