The 5 Worst Places to Live in Vermont Avoid These Towns!

The “Green Mountain State,” Vermont, evokes visions of charming towns, magnificent scenery, and a tranquil way of life. Despite its allure, some parts of it might not be ideal for everyone.

The 5 Worst Places to Live in Vermont: Stay Away from These Towns is explored in this guide. We’ll take into account things like employment prospects, cost of living, and crime statistics to assist you in determining whether or not these towns suit your needs.

In light of this, let’s examine the Vermont locations you might want to stay away from if you’re looking for a particular kind of experience.

West Brattleboro

With 2,817 people living in it, West Brattleboro is a tiny village in Vermont. This quiet village is a good choice in the area because the average property price here is $297,423.

The neighborhood has a mild 4.9% unemployment rate despite having a median income of $40,446.

With a per capita crime rate of 0.1070 occurrences, it continues to have relatively low crime, which is consistent with its reputation as a secure and friendly neighborhood.


With 2,817 people living there, West Brattleboro is a little Vermont town. This peaceful village offers reasonable housing in the area, with an average property price of $297,423.

The 5 Worst Places to Live in Vermont: Avoid These Towns!
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The area’s mild 4.9% unemployment rate is maintained despite a median income of $40,446. Its reputation as a secure and close-knit town is reflected in the comparatively low crime rate, which is 0.1070 incidences per capita.


Bennington, a town of 8,753 people, has a median income of $51,221 and an average home price of $236,017. The 4.8% unemployment rate indicates a steady state of the economy.

Bennington continues to have a low crime rate—its per capita crime rate is 0.0649—which attracts many people to live there.

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Newport, a municipality of 4,431 people, has a median income of $53,026 and an average home price of $241,536. Nonetheless, the country has a high 9.6% unemployment rate, which suggests economic difficulties.

The 5 Worst Places to Live in Vermont Avoid These Towns!
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The neighborhood has a comparatively low crime rate, as evidenced by the crime per capita of 0.0332. These figures depict a tiny community where people live in a generally safe atmosphere while dealing with economic challenges.

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Springfield is a small town with 3,946 residents that has a median income of $48,476 and an average home price of $218,106. With 4.2% of the workforce unemployed, the economic climate is comparatively steady.

Springfield is a desirable place to reside for people looking for a peaceful community setting because of its reputation for safety and security and its low crime rate of 0.0565 incidents per population.

To Conclude

Although West Brattleboro, Morrisville, Bennington, Newport, and Springfield all have qualities that some people may find desirable—like low costs, security, and a calm environment—they might not be the best choices for everyone. Before relocating, take into account the employment market and economic prospects, particularly in Newport.

Keep in mind that Vermont’s charm is found in many different places. To locate the ideal fit in the Green Mountain State, do your homework and rank the things that are most important to you.

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