Our Top 5 Picks The Best Retirement Destinations in South Dakota

Known as the “Mount Rushmore State,” South Dakota is well-known for its breathtaking natural beauty, extensive history, and famous presidential faces.

But beyond the striking Badlands and majestic Black Hills is a refuge for seniors looking for a quiet, reasonably priced place to call home.

Whether you’re looking for lively small towns, expansive grasslands, or quick access to cultural activities, South Dakota has a range of locations that are ideal for retirement.

So, let go of the worry of never finding the right area to relax, explore, and realize your retirement goals in the heart of South Dakota.

Hot Springs

With a median age of 56, Hot Springs lends itself to a family reunion-style retirement. The median listing price of homes in Hot Springs is $369,900.

Hot Springs, South Dakota, is a fun and adventurous destination that is frequently listed as one of the finest locations to retire.

An empty nester will enjoy cooling off in the Evans Plunge Mineral Springs on a warm summer afternoon, and they’ll understand why the town’s name includes the word “springs.”


Milbank’s social scene will satisfy the needs of any empty nester, with a typical age of 42 and 33% of the population being over 60.

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The Milbank Area Health Care Campus has an 80% recommendation rate for healthcare access, which is 8% higher than the national average.

Even yet, the Milbank real estate market offers some of the best retirement opportunities, with median prices as low as $177,400.

Thankfully, Big Stone Lake is only 20 minutes away from Milbank when one retires. This body of water enhances more than simply the rustic charm of the place. It offers excellent fishing and is the lowest point in South Dakota.

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Given that the median age of this municipality is 49.3—nearly 50—a senior can readily associate with a group of people their own age and exchange insightful and beneficial experiences.

Miller is a good option for retirees who don’t want to spend a lot of money on a retirement community. This is due to the fact that Miller real estate is listed for a median price of only $159,900. It could seem like Miller is in the middle of nowhere with nothing noteworthy to say at this price point.

A first-time visitor’s heart may skip a beat due to the elegance and tranquility of the Shakespeare Garden & Anne Hathaway Cottage. The drive from town takes around one hour.

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In Spearfish, the typical listing price for a property is now $654,000. Though the Native Americans used to come here to spear fish several decades ago, you won’t want to retire here for that reason alone.

However, this town offers a beautiful assortment of retirement draws, including Spearfish Canyon, a heart-stopping drive-through location that is renowned to produce heart-in-mouth sensations.

Our Top 5 Picks The Best Retirement Destinations in South Dakota
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In addition, visiting glittering waterfalls like Roughlock Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, and Spearfish Falls is a highlight of living here.

Although the town’s median age is 38, 31% of its citizens are 60 years of age or older; therefore, every third person you meet on the street is most likely an older person with whom you may share memories of the highs and lows of life.

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The median age of Webster is approximately 42, although 32% of its citizens are 60 years of age or older.

This implies that you will have companions who are entering their golden years just like you. Lastly, the median price of the residences listed here is approximately $198,000.

Webster is small, with only 1,700 residents, but it does have several good restaurants (don’t miss the rhubarb pies at Pereboom’s Cafe), a nice bowling alley (L & L Lanes), and it’s close to Waubay Lake, which is home to many jumbo perch.

To Conclude

South Dakota has a range of retirement locations to fit every preference and price range, from the energetic social scene of Milbank to the breathtaking natural beauty of Spearfish Canyon.

The inexpensive homes and soothing mineral springs of Hot Springs entice, while Miller offers a quaint small-town feel. Webster provides a nice balance of community, outdoor activities, and cost.

So gather your belongings and go out to find the ideal South Dakota retreat to enjoy your senior years!

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