Discover Tennessee's Top 5 Gems for Your Next Home

Tennessee beckons with its alluring natural scenery, rich musical legacy, and Southern charm. Beyond the well-known locations of Graceland and the Great Smoky Mountains is a wealth of towns and cities, each with its own special combination of opportunity and character.

When looking to settle down in the “Volunteer State,” there are a lot of options available. But stop worrying! Tennessee has a home for you whether you’re looking for the vitality of a busy city, the serenity of a mountain getaway, or the warm environment of a close-knit community.

So prepare to discover the thrilling opportunities and undiscovered treasures that Tennessee has to offer by packing your bags and your sense of adventure!

Signal Mountain

Compared to Tennessee as a whole, which has 6,923,772 inhabitants, Signal Mountain, which is located in Tennessee, stands out with its 8,833 residents.

Compared to Tennessee, where the median property value is $309,795; Signal Mountain has a median property worth of $537,026. Likewise, Signal Mountain’s median income is almost twice as high as the state’s, at $132,639, almost twice as high.

A strong local economy is demonstrated by the astonishingly low 1.7% unemployment rate. Furthermore, Signal Mountain’s crime rate per capita is 0.0032, far lower than the state average of 0.0315, indicating a safer neighborhood.


With 44,830 residents, Brentwood, Tennessee has a very high median house value of $1,231,379 and a correspondingly high median income of $181,576. The 2.2% unemployment rate is low, which is indicative of a strong local economy.

Discover Tennessee's Top 5 Gems for Your Next Home
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Furthermore, compared to the general demographics of Tennessee, Brentwood has a reputation for being a safe neighborhood with high socioeconomic standards, which is reinforced by the comparatively low crime rate of 0.0093 per capita.


There are 51,170 people living in the town of Collierville, Tennessee, where the median house value is $496,528 instead of the $309,795 state median for Tennessee.

Comparing the town’s $129,729 median income to the state’s $64,035 median, one can see that it is likewise substantially higher. With 2.6% unemployment, Collierville has a lower rate than the state of Tennessee, which is 5.0%.

Furthermore, compared to the state average of 0.0315, Collierville’s crime per capita is noticeably lower at 0.0134. Collierville is a safe and reasonably affluent community in Tennessee, as these statistics demonstrate.

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With 83,630 residents, Franklin is significantly smaller than Tennessee, which has 6,923,772 residents. Franklin’s typical home value, at $851,106, is significantly greater than the state median of $309,795, indicating a more wealthy residential market.

Discover Tennessee's Top 5 Gems for Your Next Home
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Comparatively speaking, Tennessee’s median income is $64,035 while Franklin’s is $106,592. Compared to the state average of 5.0%, Franklin’s unemployment rate is lower at 2.6%.

Additionally, Franklin’s crime rate per capita is 0.0128, which is lower than the state’s 0.0315 rate and emphasizes the city’s reputation for safety.

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The population of Nolensville, Tennessee, a municipality of 14,444, is notably smaller than that of the state, which is 6,923,772. Compared to the state median of $309,795 and the typical house value of $772,828 in Nolensville, the difference is significant.

Nolensville residents additionally benefit from a greater median income of $158,266 as opposed to the state median income of $64,035.

With a 0.7% unemployment rate, the town’s rate is much lower than the state’s 5.0% rate. Nolensville boasts a low crime rate per capita of 0.0049, which suggests a relatively safe environment for its citizens.

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To Conclude

Recall that there are many more hidden treasures in Tennessee than just these five. Explore these neighborhoods in more detail to see the distinct charm that each has to offer.

You may start your next chapter in Tennessee, regardless of your priorities—affordability, a robust employment market, a tranquil natural setting, or a strong sense of community. Now, unpack your spirit of adventure and explore the “Volunteer State” to find the ideal place to call home!

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