Living on a Budget Missouri's 5 Most Affordable Places

Missouri, located in the center of the Midwest, presents a mosaic of luscious scenery, energetic cities, and a rich past. Beyond its beauty, though, is a useful appeal for people looking for a cheap way of living.

We examine the top five places—from sleepy towns to busy suburbs—where the American dream seems attainable, community flourishes, and money goes farther.

Missouri offers affordable housing options for all age groups, including retirees, young professionals, and students. Come along as we explore this state’s affordable hidden jewels.

St. Ann

At 78 overall, St. Ann’s cost of living is good. The community has 12,917 residents. While the typical property price of $136,175 is very inexpensive, the average income of the population is $48,081.

In the event that someone would rather rent, the median monthly rent is about $880. As a residential location with affordable housing costs, St. Ann’s popularity is largely due to these qualities taken together.


The population of Jennings is 12,996. Compared to national averages, the overall cost of living index is remarkably low, at 77, indicating reasonable living expenses.

Living on a Budget: Missouri's 5 Most Affordable Places

While the median property price of $58,011 is amazingly reasonable, the median income of the population is $32,462. The affordable living circumstances in Jennings are partly attributed to the median monthly rent of $857 paid by tenants.

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Webb City

Webb City, a 13,002 people municipality, has an overall Cost of Living Index of 80, which indicates affordability when compared to national averages. At $58,964, the typical income is sufficient to maintain a good level of living.

With a median home price of $195,274 and a median rent of $897, Webb City is a desirable option for residents looking for a stable economic climate due to its abundance of housing options.

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The town of Aurora, which has 7,290 residents, has a low total Cost of Living Index of 79. This area is reasonably priced to live in, with a median income of $44,728.

Living on a Budget Missouri's 5 Most Affordable Places

If one is hoping to settle down, the median cost of a property is $150,015, and the median monthly rent is $760. When all of these elements come together, Aurora becomes a reasonably priced community.

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There are 8,128 people living in Nevada. Considering many other regions, this one’s level of life is generally more reasonable, as seen by its overall cost of living index of 80.

The inhabitants lead a modest yet sustainable lifestyle, with a typical income of $44,318.

Nevada is a desirable alternative for individuals looking for economical living conditions because of its remarkably affordable housing options, with a typical property price of $137,667 and a median rent of roughly $707 per month.

To Conclude

Beyond its affordability, Missouri has a certain charm. St. Ann and Jennings have extremely low housing expenses, but Webb City, Aurora, and Nevada offer a good mix of affordability and respectable wages.

Everybody can find their ideal spot in Missouri because to this distribution, which ranges from sleepy towns to bustling suburbs.

In order to live a comfortable and meaningful life without going over budget, explore the hidden jewels of the “Show Me State” and find your dream location.

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