Retirement Bliss Top 5 Picks to Retire in Oregon

Retirement is the start of a new chapter in life, one that should be one of leisure and happiness. The state of Oregon provides the ideal setting for those golden years with its breathtaking scenery and peaceful way of life.

We examine the classic retreats in this piece, which offer calm environments, lively communities, and a wide range of activities designed for the active retiree.

Come see the best places in Oregon where retirement isn’t only a stage of life but rather a rejuvenation of the greatest joys of it, from the picturesque seaside cities to the serene mountain retreats.


There are more than 6,700 residents in the coastal town of Brookings, and 26.5% of them are seniors. if you adore serene landscapes, mountains, forests, and crystal-clear waterways. This is where you ought to retire.

The median price of a home in Brookings as of February 2024 is $681,000. It rains a lot in the town. With walk-in clinics like Sutter Coast Health Center and a medical facility like Brookings Harbor, residents feel comfortable.

For seniors and retirees, the Brookings-Harbor Senior Center/Chetco Activity Center offers meals, classes, tai chi and yoga activities, as well as socializing opportunities with other community residents.


In Ontario, there are roughly 2,210 elderly citizens. The median price has increased by 4.6% year over year to $339,900. Saint Alphonsus Medical Center is a well-equipped emergency hospital with 49 beds that serves the community’s medical needs as well as those around.

Retirement Bliss Top 5 Picks to Retire in Oregon
Image By: Oregon Live

Enjoy the refreshing evening breeze and observe locals and visitors having a good time from the shade of a tree at Lions Park.

You may even join in on the fun. Actions Card House is a card house located at East Lane where you may play poker with locals if you’re like that kind of thing.

Cottage Grove

Retirees will enjoy living in a community with their peers in Cottage Groove, where 1,790 out of 10,820 residents are seniors.

The median price of a home in Cottage Grove is $360,000, and it is currently declining by 11.1%. This town is experiencing a mix of sunny and wet weather.

Visit the Bohemia Gold Mining Museum to discover the town’s history of gold mining. Visit the Oregon Aviation Historical Society & Museum if aviation interests you. Visit Cottage Theatre to enjoy art shows on certain days.

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In Prineville, an assisted living and retirement community with a typical house price of $471,400, about 25% of residents are 65 years of age or older.

Regency Village, a quiet area of town with services and events to make life simpler for elders, is another option for seniors who want support as they age.

Retirement Bliss Top 5 Picks to Retire in Oregon
Image By: Bend Oregon

The Prineville Senior Center is a philanthropic organization in Prineville that provides various forms of assistance to individuals sixty years of age and above.

Take a look at the peaceful Crook County Library if you enjoy reading. The village can be seen in a stunning panoramic vista from Ochoco Wayside State Park.

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This is a community to ponder about retiring to if you’re a senior. At 17,120, it’s a small town where seniors make up around 17% of the population. The median price of a house there is $339,000. Pendleton is a simple place to get around in.

Explore the town’s museums, such as the Heritage Station Museum, Pendleton Round-Up & Happy Canyon Hall of Fame Museum, or The Children’s Museum of Eastern Oregon if you have little children with you.

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To Conclude

Beyond its breathtaking surroundings, Oregon has much more to offer. Oregon provides the ideal retirement for any taste, from the energetic senior community in Brookings to the historical charm of Pendleton.

Oregon offers a wealth of activities and a serene setting to enjoy your golden years, whether you’re looking for an oceanfront getaway in Brookings or a historical city like Cottage Grove.

Explore your options now to find your own little piece of retirement paradise in Oregon.

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