Nebraska's Most Miserable 5 Cities You Might Want to Avoid

Despite being well-known for its expansive grasslands and rich farming history, the Cornhusker State does have a less glamorous side. In the article, we explore the cities that, in spite of Nebraska’s general allure, offer difficulties that might put off prospective inhabitants.

These cities contrast sharply with the state’s other friendly communities, experiencing both severe weather and economic downturns.

Although Nebraska has a lot of prosperous towns, this article should act as a warning, steering readers away from places that don’t live up to the state’s potential for wealth and happiness.

Come along with us as we examine the factors that make these five cities unsuitable to call home.


The current population of Crete is 7,224. At 20.8%, the poverty rate is comparatively high, showing that a sizeable section of the society is struggling financially. At $94,400, the median property price is reasonable.

There is a notable presence of families in the town, as evidenced by the 41.58% of households with children and the approximately 20.0% of married households, which point to a broad demographic composition.


With 10,325 residents, Lexington is a community that represents a diverse socioeconomic environment. With 15.4% of the population living in poverty, the area has both opportunities and challenges.

Nebraska's Most Miserable 5 Cities You Might Want to Avoid
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In comparison to many urban locations, the median home price of $123,500 suggests affordable housing. 14.0% of households are headed by a married couple, indicating a wide variety of family configurations.

Children are present in a noteworthy 46.01% of homes, highlighting the community’s emphasis on family life and support networks.


The population of the little town of Schuyler is 6,526. With the poverty rate of 10.6%, the state of the economy is comparatively steady. With a median home price of $94,500, many people can afford to become homeowners.

The percentage of married households in the town is about 15.0%, suggesting a diversity of family patterns. Furthermore, a sizable percentage of Schuyler households—45.11 percent—have children, underscoring the community’s appeal as a family-friendly setting.


With 62,888 residents, Bellevue has a comparatively low rate of poverty (8.7%). At $179,300, the median property price is reasonable, making it a desirable choice for purchasers.

Nebraska's Most Miserable: 5 Cities You Might Want to Avoid

The marriage rate in homes is about 16.0%, which helps to create a stable residential community. Families with children make up a sizable fraction (32.06%), suggesting a family-friendly atmosphere.

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With 6,558 residents, the little town of Plattsmouth has a comparatively low rate of poverty (9.1%). With a median property price of $130,400, it is reasonably priced when compared to more populous urban regions.

Married households, which make up 29.0% of the population, and families with children, which make up 31.26% of homes, are the community’s defining features.

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To Conclude

There is more to Nebraska than big farms and picture-perfect cornfields. Though there are glimmers of affordability and family life in Crete, Lexington, Schuyler, Bellevue, and Plattsmouth, these communities face financial difficulties and have poverty rates that are greater than the state average.

Not that these places are without potential, but future inhabitants should know the facts before relocating. You can select the ideal community in Nebraska by doing thorough study. The state is home to numerous beautiful communities.

This post offers as a jumping off point, inspiring you to delve deeper and find the greatest areas in Nebraska to call home.

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